“Rusty Wing” by Manfred Wieninger

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Manfred Wieningers novel “Rusty Wings” is another Marek Miert thriller. He is aware on the current crime fiction. Its content is not filled with “literary Blutsäuferei” (p 47).

The story is told from the perspective of the lovable, quirky private detective Marek Miert. He lives, as usual, in a dilapidated building house in the red light and immigrant environment in the fictional small Austrian town of Harland. The author characterizes Marek Miert (as well as any other action-related people – all individuals who do not follow any trends which) in detail, if not fussy, where he first emphasizes the physical appearance and clothing.

Private Miert only comes into gear when it has consumed his morning Melange; the day’s work, he decides with a Quantum red wine.

Other exemplary attributes of the iconic Marek Miert are “hands like toilet seat”, “suit size minivan”, “Italian import footwear handmade imitation leather and a bit of spit,” etc. But not only here the reader can delight in Wieningers language skills.

He kept playing with another linguistic stylistic device, namely the paradox. Who does not know the absurd Ballad of the car when it was dark, but seemed, the moon bright flashes fast, slowly drove around the corner? And this keyboard also dominates Manfred Wieninger perfect and brilliantly: “Silence, according to Like Christmas”, “sea turtle without fins”; this witty phrases like “an end with worm”, “take the church around the cross”.

It’s February, the month of depression and other disasters when Marek Miert, who is almost always broke, two work orders given.

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In the first he pursues Herrmann Frischauf, a bookseller. He stalks him in the Auen Harland collide accidentally to both a bit clumsy and Marek Miert. Frischauf holds already for a long period in this area, where he has discovered the remains of a slave labor camp.

The second case involved Marek Miert in a fight that leads him directly into custody. In his cell, he learns the Afghans Dr. Ahmed Adin know. This gives the author the opportunity to thoroughly politicize and criticizing Austria’s asylum policy. Personally, I find such a crime no suitable platform for this – the previous laughter gets me choked her, but understand the author’s concern.

Despite this small personal displeasure, I would like to recommend this book. It will have all the readers who enjoy ironic, alternative, regional stained Thriller, please.

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“Rusty Wing” by Manfred Wieninger
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