"Rosaleen Hard" By Anne Enright

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Rosaleen Madigan writing Christmas cards to their four adult children. If the recipient is excited about her greetings? They will probably feel the need to come home? Rosaleen, 76, himself has no illusions. She adds her text a postscript: “I have decided to sell the house.” This will give pause to them, that is brought attract them.

The Madigan is a centrifugal family. Rosaleen is its linchpin. Constance, Emmet, Dan and Anna, all born in the sixties, the parental home were in Ardeevin, to find County Clare (Ireland) behind somewhere in the distance an independent life of its own.

Now it is not unusual that the young will fledge; the young Madigan but are precocial. Her mother is self-centered, calculating, theatrical and possessive “a woman who did nothing and everything expected”. Therefore, the children seek to escape their influence. But has long since done its fatal effect. All Madigan are love- and bond incapable of a family limbless person Characters

From the psychological and spatial basic framework, the structure gives the family novel ” The green road”.

The novel is about two decades earlier one. The sixteen-year-old Hanna has made for all cheese toasts. Your mother is not in a good mood. It comes only briefly Hanna into the kitchen to fill a hot water bottle with hot water. Then she turns back to her room. Such days when Rosaleen “horizontal solution” preferred, it was in the past frequently, but this time hold the bad condition of especially long. The trigger was Hanna’s older brother Dan.

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After he opened the mother two weeks earlier that he wanted to become a priest, had Hanna you get at the pharmacy uncle’s pain and cold remedies to cushion to the misery of such familial future prospects.

In 1991, the stage is already Past. Dan, meanwhile, “the runaway priests”, lives in New York his homosexuality to the full. In the hip art scene of the vibrant metropolis one gives himself without inhibitions enjoyment and pleasure. The price is high, “then in the East Village, as all were dying,” and in Dan’s friends, there are plenty of people infected with HIV and Aids deaths. The attractive, sought-after by many men, but cold-hearted Dan – one that “everything offered and everything demanded” – does have an affair, but an option to female sex remains open. (The outspokenness of this chapter with correspondingly distinct vocabulary some readers will incidentally touch embarrassing).

Six years later, we accompany Rosaleen’s oldest child in County Limerick for a mammogram appointment at the hospital. Constance McGarth is happy and rich married. The McGarth clan benefits from Ireland’s economic boom of those years. As a mother of three teenage children around the clock runs the household, the thirty-seven Constance lies “in the middle … between parental care and breast cancer, between breastfeeding and dying”. For her severely obese, flabby body she feels only rejection and contempt. Their fears, they can share with anyone. Her husband Dessie forget those “things” such as cancer always because it “too frightened …”, and her mother has always pointed remarks on the lips ( “Do something!” To remain attractive as a woman ” learning to ride. “).

Another five years later, it slyly Emmet 37 to Mali. For years he has fled from his insufferable mother, from one country to the next. As an aid worker, he was pulled for an organization Welthungerhilfe, a “save the world, which was still not saved,” and thus has “water poured out his life as the sand of Africa”. His ethics is undermined by lack of interest; the misery and the people he has little empathy. He just ruined his relationship with a woman who starve while all around people who want aufpeppeln a filthy, sick mongrel.

Even her husband had “said hardly anything or nothing” in his last years, and she knows that “even that was her fault.” As the daughter of a pharmacist had been beneath her to marry Pat Madigan, a farmer, and never could their arrogance to be a better, drop. On the contrary, they cultivated the divas Representative to perfection. This included the appropriate occasion a theatrical self-pity. Rosaleen “loved a good tragedy,” and if necessary kicked her “tears – real tears in his eyes.” With time became of her wrong, “sharp-tongued” unapproachable serpent, “is reluctant to touch” was and could give no love their children.

Abandoned by all, Rosaleen lives alone, bored, without live content in her rundown house in Ardeevin and rumbles with their “thankless” children who you blame the “blame” for everything. On Christmas Day – to “Rosaleen hard” – she plays her last trump lousy out. In a proven way, it relies on emotions and contradictory fears of their children.

Depending on the person and character dissects the author, the individual family members of Madigan clan in different tones. Times very emotional, sometimes radical, sometimes quite cool, unsentimental, often mocking with a pinch of humor she puts her characters to my body. All adults are full of abysses, supposedly away from the other and yet closely related. No one could really cut the cord from home, certainly not by Rosaleen, the invisible threads still lead the children because they could never sever. Rosaleen knows what it is, which all lie in wait: “All just waiting for that Rosaleen died”.

Anne Enright provides a literary masterful and psychologically profound analysis of this desolate family.. The building blocks of her novel are small scenes that such projections will be enlarged to calmly all the details illuminate intense, including the dark side of the human soul. Thus, the author reveals the traits of their characters in some oppressive intensity, but does not exposed to embarrassment.

Unfortunately, there is often a lack of background information. For example, what is the cause of Rosaleen’s horror at the fact but honorable career aspirations of her son? Also Emmet’s life leaves open several questions. Of course, to each of the discretion itself speculate, but in too many spaces suffer the unity of the story.

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"Rosaleen Hard" By Anne Enright
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