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Ma and her son Jack live in a sparsely furnished room of about sixteen square meters, and they have everything you need to live: bed, chair, dresser, TV, wardrobe, sink, toilet and a “Frierer”. Throughout the day, Ma lovingly takes care of her boys, they play, sing, read, make races around the table, screaming of his lungs. Jack’s favorite toy is a Jeep with remote control. He feels safe at home. He may sleep with Ma in bed, and she still suckles him at her breasts.

Only when Old Jack meets once a week by only by code that open metal door in the room to the food or into note to sleep with Ma, then Jack hides in fear in the closet. He holds her ears to the squeaky bed noise not to hear

The novel begins nice. Today, Jack’s fifth birthday. He tells the reader his thoughts and tells of his intensive talks with his Ma. Why does he only speaks so disturbed? Articles before nouns are foreign to him.

The verb forms it forms in the present tense, even where a past tense would be expected. He can passages from many children’s books, such as Alice in Wonderland , by heart. Independent reading and writing and basic calculations, it, and every day he watches TV. While we read or reasonably relaxed further slow an oppressive feeling creeps in: something some wrong here. Almost gently, the truth comes to light for the reader. And just as Ma brings her son at very carefully that they are both not alone in the world, that there is an “outside”.

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That all the television images that Jack illusions held to show the real life. That can not believe Jack. Ma further told him that they had previously been kidnapped seven years away from the street of Old Nick and in their common area, a garden shed locked. Two years later she gave birth to her Jack on the carpet of the room. She says to him, was how beautiful their lives in freedom, that she and a brother had lived in a house with garden and rocking with their parents.

Now has come the time. You must out. Long ago Ma escape plans has forged, and now Jack is old enough to support them. Actually manage Plan B: rolled up in a carpet wears Old Nick allegedly died of severe pneumonia boy out of the room and shipped him on his pickup truck to bury him somewhere. On the way, however, the boy freed from the carpet, jumps off the truck, running up to a man and ask him to inform the police, finds the once Ma and arrested the kidnapper.

begins So the second part of novel. The reader expects the large settlement with an unscrupulous man, perhaps the voyeuristic spreading degrading scenes that Ma had to live through. But Emma Donoghue takes a different path. They all pursued other intentions.

On the one hand it goes to their victims. Ma has up to its breaking point done anything to be a more loving, caring mother in this unimaginable situation her son. It fills the ‘space’ with life, makes him for Jack to no alternative, only possible at home. Despite her despair – it knows only the outside – they want to live for Jack, and to that extent it owes it to him to pass through is the time of captivity

On the other hand, it is the author actually to “space.” – internal and outer. For Jack, the “outside” that awaited Ma “freedom” is, psychic to the big stress test. He does not understand the real world. Everything scares him, and everything is dangerous. There are many people that generate a lot of noise. Light and sun dazzle, burn him. And his corrupted speech is often misunderstood. He longs to return to the “space”, the “inside”.

Will he learn under guidance empathetic psychologist to live in “freedom”? Is he stepping out of the cramped “room” can capture as an opportunity to further develop in the broad “outside” inside

A novel that is – incredibly loose and easy reads and – in view of the terrible crime opens up new and worthy of discussion overlooking on the victims.

“Room” conquered Emma Donoghue 2010, the American bestseller list.

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