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Role of TESOL Exam in Language Learning Paper

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Using what you have read in this introduction to TESOL and your own knowledge, what do you consider to be the blocks which may prevent language learning? Mastering a language is a long and windy road. On the path to learning a language, students may stumble upon many blocks and obstacles that can prevent successful learning. One of the basic principles of teaching a language is to ensure that the students succeed. To help make sure students are successful, it is important for teachers to be aware of possible blocks which may prevent language learning.
One block learners may face is a ‘talkative’ teacher. If a teacher spends too much time talking to a class, the students will become bored and lose focus. As a result, they won’t remember much of the lesson. Students will not learn how to speak if the teacher is speaking all the time. In addition, if the teacher is talking for long periods of time, the students may get lost and not follow everything. It is important that teachers limit their talking time so that they keep the students interested. Lessons should be interactive, allowing students as much time as possible to interact and practice the language with the teacher and fellow students. It is also imperative that teachers are versatile and adopt a variety of learning activities. Always doing the same activity is mundane and will cause the students to lose interest.
A second block is language learning style, as individual differences exist in the preferred style of learning. Ignoring individual differences and always using the same style can hinder the learning process. Teachers should try to get to know individual learning style preferences so they can tailor their presentations and activities to suit individual variations in learning preferences.
Another block students may face is the teacher’s use of complex language. It is important that…

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