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The Internet revolution is transforming our ways of life and how we link with the others, the way we work, the way we learn and disburse our leisure time. In this situation, there is a requisite to obviously recognise latest technology, in the recent production procedures assure value in fabrication, manufacturing and enhance dexterities of the workforces or staff with the intention that they are capable to accustom themselves to contemporary milieu. Information technology (IT) has become an essential part of trendy universe while human resource management universally has likewise being impacted in a numerous ways through its adoption and application. All the Organisations or Companies are anticipated to develop upon their knowledge management function. Hence its needed to comprehend modern technology patterns and amalgamate skilful humanoid resources in the procedure to attain human factor manufacturing to facilitate valuable artefact and amenities are provided to the people. Information Technology as a mechanical factor and instruments, transmutes, engineers of establishments, communication and commercial processes, and is progressively incorporated into human resource management. Information technology as a set of available system is easy to get for people and associate through hardware procedure and performs a leading role in the extension of human resources. This paper focuses on a succinct outline of the role and impact of information technology in human resources management. A speedily changing economic environment, typify by phenomena as the globalization and deregulation of markets, changing and saver demands, and ever-increasing product-market competition, become the custom for most organizations. To compete, productivity, they must recover their recital by reducing costs, improving quality, innovating products processes, and speed to market. Specific Research Forum on HR Management and structural Execution, we hope to put in to a better understanding role of human resource decisions in creating and sustaining organizational concert and cutthroat benefit.

The importance of human capital and knowledge create further containment on Human resource functions and novel proficiencies for Human Resource specialists are required. It was revealed that IT has significantly increase the capability of HR management activities and processes through an effectual and resourceful employee communication and commitment while the roles and skills of HR managers has enlarge substantial overtime due to their acceptance and continuous improve of knowledge in the use of IT in the release of their primary functions. The Human resource management consists of personnel management, industrial relations management and employee welfare management. So today, most of the organizations desire to use the term human resource management to assign such functions as recruitment, placement, orientation, training and development and motivation. Today, human resource management has befall very imperative as a tool for organizational success. This paper gives a brief overview about role and impact of technological usage in HR field for determining and tracking human capital and using the HR technological system generally.

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