Riots Between Liberals and Conservatives

There are two major players in the US political system today, liberals and conservatives. Liberals, which most believe that the government should take the majority action to secure the liberty of its citizens and to provide an “invisible hand” in the market economy. Conservatives, on the other hand, believe in limited government involvement and that personal responsibility should be taken to secure one’s freedom, and have a limited part in the market economy. In today’s political climate, it is blatantly clear to see the political unrest between both parties, and to get a better understanding of why we have such a deep divide, we will go in-depth to examine the two parties.

There are certain things that people want in this life, such as freedom, the chance to pursue our dreams, and the idea of happiness. But the idea here is how to achieve our dreams with two very differentiating political views; the liberal view and the conservative view, both on very different sides of the spectrum.

Americans are highly divided when it comes to politics, whether the issue is abortion, immigration, or gun control which play a big role in the political agenda. Americans never seem to agree, especially when America has two main political sides, liberals and conservatives. Traditional values define America, and that is what conservatives believe, they believe in traditional American values and attitudes, and are unfavorable to change, meaning they believe that things were better in the past, and therefore fearful of the changing world around them.

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Conservatives have a mentality where they have one rule to live by, and that is to focus on personal responsibility, individual liberty, and happiness. Since then, America has steered away from personal responsibility and has been focusing more on human rights issues and universal equality for all. Conservative beliefs are still existing and some people still believe in the ideal conservative life, but more and more Americans are turning towards liberalism and conservatives are losing numbers. Conservatives, for example, are largely against abortion and the government having any involvement in the market economy. Liberals, however, are very hopeful of change, they’re more the progressive form of politics and they strive for equality for all. Not saying that conservatives don’t want equality, but liberals have a more distinguished view on universal equality and human rights. Unlike the conservatives, they believe that the government should act to secure the basic needs of its’ people and that the government should be able to have an “invisible hand” in the market economy. This means that the government should take full action in the market economy, having a “hand” to control the market. Both political viewpoints have changed drastically throughout human existence, but their basic principles remain the same.

An important factor when it comes to which political decision-making and which side to take is the individual’s morals and beliefs. As long as both political parties have opposing views, there will always be a struggle to enforce certain beliefs in US politics. There are varying degrees of conservatives and liberals, ranging from extreme to radical, and some may fall on neutral grounds. But times have changed, and people are taking advantage of free thinking and taking their moral beliefs to decide how the government should be running but neither can fulfill the people’s wants. Two opposing viewpoints shouldn’t divide America into two wholes but as long as people are subject to certain beliefs and values, there will always be a deep divide in the US political grounds.

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