Hamilton's Cash Economy Vision.

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“Hamilton did not fear money; he proposed to turn the United states into a cash economy” (Brookhiser 86). A man who has raised as an orphan and in a poor environment grows up to establish a new concept for America. Alexander Hamilton is a hard-working man as he introduces new strategies for America yet fails to keep a vow as a husband.

Hamilton begins his journey when he is hired to assist President George Washington on etiquette but he later quits. Being around higher officials, Hamilton was the man to have the least professional experience regarding government and money as he had a bitter upbringing.

From working at age nine, Hamilton had determination. One task or goal that Hamilton believed would help the United States was to establish a National Bank. Hamilton viewed Britain’s treasury to see how it ran. Britain was actually in debt but this challenge can be seen as “strength, rather than bankruptcy, because of the care and skill with which it was financed” (Brookhsier 81).

Credit was an option that Hamilton considered as he knew Britain was able to collect money and make payments. Determination can be seen as Hamilton wanted to improve the United States’ economy. Money did not scare Hamilton. Loans and taxes were also presented by Hamilton to benefit the national bank. Loans would help the economy as businesses or properties would make more money once they had what they needed to continue. The bank, from Hamilton’s perspective, would be run by private people instead of the public as he said it would “corrode the vitals” (Hamilton).

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Hamilton became the first Secretary of Treasury and the national bank was successfully established. The bank would be a vital financial source if a war emergency were to occur.

Although Hamilton was able to take part in such an important new bank forming, he also made history by having an affair. Hamilton’s characteristic was wanting to please. He let his affair be hidden, as much as time permitted because he did want the scandal to affect his professionalism. Hamilton viewed Maria Reynolds as a “pretty woman in distress”. This would cause Hamilton to feel pity and continue the affair as Maria Reynolds portrayed herself as a victim of her marriage.

Through his dishonest action of a continuous affair, Hamilton shows characteristics of untrustworthiness and weakness to resist. Looking back to the achievements in America, Hamilton did play an important role as a founding father in his specific task of the treasury. Unfortunately, his affair shows another side of who he was. I am not certain if Hamilton would be elected as president but he was a great help with financial issues and the economy. These would have been good traits for being president to help the country, but Hamilton’s decisions also had consequences. Referring back to his affair, this is why I would say he would not have been elected. “The nation would learn of it soon enough” (Brookhiser 100). Hamilton’s secret would not be kept private so I believe this showed Hamilton to be immature and a person to hold secrets.

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