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The fact that Edward Francis Averly, the 6th Earl Westlake, resign his office as vice governor of the British colony in the East Indies had, was a heavy blow for the recently widowed and his two daughters. Regarding the reasons the rumor mill from “cowardice” and “dishonor” rumor. Now they have to say goodbye to a life in the lap of luxury. With a steamer they travel in the late summer of 1912 returned to England to henceforth on the family estate Somerton Court to reside.

The property belongs to West Lakes for five hundred years. 1815 an ancestor had the present mansion neoclassical façade and a ballroom build. But now the returnees expect at home bad news. For while the absence of the head of the family, his nephew William Averly took over the administration. However, the bon vivant, players and speculators is the money like sand through your fingers clotted. What a huge debt on Somerton Court loads is not yet in sight.

the shame of the local loss follows now perhaps even that of a bankruptcy?

Under such precarious circumstances, it is difficult to bridge the gap between appearance and reality, between high expectations and reduced opportunities. The economic decline of the landed aristocracy has been used for over a century before, and often has since the lucrative marriage of a daughter with a civil, but that has become wealthy groom’s fine, but keep poor gentlemen in front of a hard crash landing.

that Lady Ada, the eldest, is how cheap of marriageable age.

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As it is to be introduced into society, Father Edward has made his choice long ago: Douglas Varley, a friend of the family to be captured. The influential politicians is much older than Ada, but a good match.

Nobody knows, however, that Ada has lost her heart already during the ship’s passage -. To the young Indian Ravi, who on the way to studying in Oxford was. In fact, the young lady is to be alert, to be directed to resistance. With great interest she studies the newspapers followed it as the heated debate over women’s suffrage. But times are not ripe, still too rigid to ignore the social conventions of her.

Earl West Lakes younger daughter Georgiana doing particularly difficult with the return home. It breaks her heart to Somerton Court will never be without her beloved mother, as it once was. And now she has to do even arrange with the fact that her father wants to marry again! Mrs Templeton is much younger than he, comes from Londoners circles and is next to their property three grown children bring into the marriage. Georgianas sensible sister Ada looks soberly: “Making the best of it … Maybe they’re adorable.”

The conflicts are foreseeable: There will be fierce quarrels between the half-siblings, intrigue are inevitable. While Michael Templeton adores the nanny, says his brother for the valet, and both sister turns out to be beastly rival for Lady Ada. Mrs Cliff, many years, always loyal housekeeper, looking to appease when tensions boil between masters and their servants. But instead of recognizing their achievements and to thank her, it is her. Above all, it proposes the arrogance of the conceited rich family additions contrary.

The aristocratic life, divorced from the mundane reality with which the servants may grapple, proves anachronistic as long. Political upheavals are making to – underground smolder unpleasant topics such as the emancipation of women, homosexuality, more rights and greater freedom for all.

All of this is exquisite in the most pleasant way.. Leila Rasheed maintains a slight language style that aims solely to entertainment. Nice are the change of perspective, especially when the servants is talked of view. As for the action guide, the author uses all the clichés on to the themes of love, jealousy, intrigue, honor, snobbery, gender roles and so on. So they designed a somewhat simple, superficial picture of the historical period between the turn of the century and the deep caesura that suggests the First World War, but it’s nice to look at and entertaining in its detail.

Maybe it comes you also familiar. This concept has already celebrated on TV great success in the form of the critically acclaimed British television series “Downton Abbey.” Since 2010, four seasons have been produced; the first two were also broadcast on ZDF and ZDF_neo, the third in July 2013 on Sky Cinema. The Hyperion publishing house from the Disney empire may have been inspired by this hit as he hung Leila Rasheed novel early-2013. Also, it has now become a series, “Secrets & amp; Sapphires (At Somerton)” (Jan. 3, 2013) Leila Rasheed:” Secrets & Sapphires (At Somerton) “for sale”.

The first volume of “returning to Somerton Court” has Maria Andreas-Hoole translated for the Fischer Verlag into German; the other two are sure to follow soon.

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