Responsibility for Organizing the Event

We plan on advertising the 5k run in places or networks that would interest families. This event also features live entertainment considering local spectators. The various organizations we are benefiting from will utilize their donor base in order to support this event. There will be fliers at all the local stores within a certain radius. There will be posts on details concerning this event on social media pages. Had conversations with landlords along traffic routes in order to gain permission to put a banner on their property.

We listed the 5k run on every online race calendar you can find. This helped in recruiting runners directly and signing them up accordingly. Local news establishments are always in search for local events to cover. We made use of the opportunity by submitting a press release about the event.

However, when we choose to advertise the 5k run, it was important that we kept our audience in mind. Providing all necessary information and being brief about the purpose and details of the event.

Our message exciting and easy for potential race participants to act upon. There is a proficient registration service in place to assist with ease of signing up and tracking participants. We enjoy the process and are truly excited about this event. Our anticipation for the event will be contagious, as we spread the word and publicize the event among groups, family, acquaintances, and business contacts.

Spent quality time communicating with local ventures to consider if they would desire to provide products or services that will enhance the quality of the 5k run and if some of these local entities are willing to contribute money to the event sponsorship.

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Some sponsors may be more likely to champion the race if we profit a charity that they are associated with. There was a check made with our local government to finalize what permits are mandatory for the race. We are required to finance insurance coverage of the occasion to obtain a permit, and also coverage to protect the local ventures or whoever is accountable for the event management.

There will be provision of water and other beverages with electrolytes to runners. Aid stations will be positioned every two miles. The aid stations occasionally include food, and pain relievers. Varying on how long the race is, they may consider having food on the route and in the finish area. Some runners desire nourishment on the route that can be consumed easily and digested quickly. If possible, try to include food on the final lap that is high in protein. We have found local market or restaurant to provide refreshments for the race in a fair trade for sponsorship.

Medals are typically given to participants that complete the 5k run. However, medals can be costly if they are acquired in small amounts. It can be very challenging for a first-year race to know the appropriate quantity to request. When the race becomes a significant success, we can purchase overseas and in advance, saving large amounts of dollars. In our first year we will make our medals locally where we can demand delivery closer to the race date.

The distance of the event and the number of runners will influence the volume of medical workforces needed. There will be an assembly of EMTs on the route, and a medical shelter in the final destination with doctors and nurses nearby to assist with any medical problem that arises. We will have an ambulance on the final lap to haul off runners that require serious medical care. Smaller 5K’s do not require much medical assistance. However, we consulted with a sports medicine specialist in the area to meet what the exact needs of the event may

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