Respiratory Meditation and Control of Thinking

Topics: Mindfulness

The “Intro to Breath Meditation” was the video that stood out to me for many reasons. This activity has allowed me to control my everyday anxiety and has allowed me to worry less about the future. By incorporating breathing meditation into my everyday life, I have more control of my thinking and as well as my emotions. The exercise of focusing on in and out breathing has allowed me to enhance my abilities to face daily challenges in my life. I will use mindfulness to keep my body in shape, mentally and physically.

I have learned to manage my stress level by practicing mediation to increase positive stress and minimize negative stress. Continuing to meditate daily will allow me to relax my mind, relax every muscle in my body, put me in a state of comfort, turn off my problems, and give me the power to live in the present moment. Incorporating mindfulness into my life will allow me to disconnect from reality and decrease the negative stress that has been affecting my thoughts, emotions, and sleeping patterns.

Mindfulness allowed me to shift my negative stress into “good stress”. Positive stress is a good thing because it motivates me to do better in school and at work, however, stress can also overwhelm me. I believe the key is to find a balance and manage my stress levels. I would like to achieve a state of positive stress in my life that is high, but not too high for optimum performance. Overall, stress is all about the mind-body connection I will learn to use meditation for my mental and physical well-being.

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During a stressful moment in my life, I will use mindfulness to help me to improve my coping skills and avoid going into a state of panic and or, depression. Mindless has given me a purpose, taken away my frustration, and given me the ability to focus and not feel scatted or disillusioned from the world.

The “How Do you Speak to Yourself” meditation video has had a positive impact on my well-being. This activity has allowed me to practice mindfulness in every aspect of my life, on the bus, before going to bed, and while doing homework. The more I practice, the more pleased and relieved I feel with my inner self. The best part is, that the more I practice, the more it becomes a way of life. With mindfulness, I can clear negative thoughts away and achieve a state of happiness. I can take the time out of my day by positively honoring myself by practicing mindfulness. This will allow me to strengthen the connection between the body and mind. Mindfulness will allow me to live in the present and teach me to put the past behind me. Mindfulness has allowed me to bring kindness to myself and change how I speak to myself throughout the day. Overall, I have learned the most important resource in life is mindfulness, it has changed my ability to stay in the present moment and maintain awareness of my thoughts, feelings, and surroundings.

The “Uplift” game was the third activity that stood out to me because it increased my positive emotions and decreased my negative thoughts and depression. Experiencing a shift toward positive emotions has caused me to improve my relationships with others. Focusing on the positive words in the game, uplifted my mpositivelyin a positive manner to increase happiness and positive emotions. As I notice new positive emotions, I will continue to write them down and reflect. For greater happiness, I will start to write down the actives, situations, and or, individuals that were involved when I felt each positive emotion. Keeping track of my emotions will allow me to be aware of them and give me the ability to realize what I can do more often to achieve inner satisfaction within myself. Overall, the “Uplift” game has “opened” my eyes and allowed me to feel more positive emotions. This game will allow me to reduce negative thinking in my personal life. Feeling positive emotions can help me erase some negative emotions in my life; it can have an ‘undo effect’ on the impact of trauma and pain, creating me to feel satisfaction and comfort.

The fourth activity that stood out to me from the happify track, was the “Kindness Chain” activity. The exercise of sending a compliment to someone else was beneficial because it promoted social bonding and strengthen my relationships with my friends and family. I have realized, by genuinely complimenting someone does not only make their day better but can also brighten up your day. This activity was rewarding because it allowed me to see the potential of happiness I can spread towards others and at the same time achieve towards my inner self. Making others feel valued can increase happiness and the overall well-being of the mind and body. Genuinely complimenting others on a daily has allowed me to feel a powerful positive boost of joy and happiness. In my personal life, complementing others has given me a sensation of warmth, “opened” and promoted a social bond. This activity taught me the importance of connecting with others. I have made a daily effort to use words of kindness to build new and strong relationships with others around me. Overall, showing kindness and being compassionate towards one another can lead to greater happiness. Giving back to others, smiling at others, and being kind toward others, can have a positive impact on my life and mental health so far. The power of words has made me realize that I can achieve happiness and spread it.

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