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Research Project Part Comprehensive Outline (10%) Paper

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College Reading and Writing skills / Research Assignment and Preliminary Work

Research Project Part 1: Comprehensive Outline

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Mohit Malhotra


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Richard Mitchel

23rd March, 2019

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Outline for Factors that contribute to the success of a Business


Thesis statement: This research explores the factors that contribute to the success of a new business. It will act as a guide for the new entrepreneurs to have a beforehand knowledge about the market. Successful businesses are all about understanding the market better.


An innovative idea –

The purpose or idea of the business should be a solution to a problem maximum people are facing. For example – darkness was a problem to people and so light bulb invented by Thomas Alva Edison came as a solution.

Citation for research source: CITATION Opp14 l 16393 (Oppong, 2014)unique business idea

Citation for research source: CITATION SUS18 l 16393 (WARD, 2018)

Hence, looking for problems and then their solutions can be the right way to get a unique business idea.

A great team:

a. Capable and talented people that can look for the long-term benefits of the business with some nice strategy making skills.

Citation for research source: CITATION Ash14 l 16393 (Ashe-Edmunds, 2014)b. Qualities like leadership, discipline, punctuality, decision making etc. is what a businessman should look for while hiring their teammates

Citation for research source: CITATION Sid16 l 16393 (Kemp, 2016)

Great Marketing and customer service:

A good marketing strategy can be the key to success. Attractive advertisement and in a right way will build up interest in people. Thinking about the product you where last attracted to and then why were you attracted can help.

Citation for research source: CITATION Ian18 l 16393 (Blair, 2018)But then no one likes going to a place where they are not treated well. Therefore, customer service should not be neglected.

Citation for research source: CITATION Diz18 l 16393 (Dizon, 2018)


Hence, these three are the important factors that contribute to the success of a new business.

Knowing the market and acting according to it with a team of some really talented people is the key to getting success in a business.


BIBLIOGRAPHY Dizon, A. (2018, March 23). 120 Helpful Customer Service Quotes from the Pros. p. 5. Retrieved from S. (2016, April 23). Factors that Contribute to Business Success. Leaders Look at the Big Picture, p. 2. Retrieved from D. (2014, February 14). 15 Quotes to inspire great teamwork. p. 1. Retrieved from

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