Requiem Mass by Arne Dahl Review

Topics: Communication

The sense impressions start to imagine Cilla Hjelm, who has separated from her husband. She has accepted a new job at the hospital. On the way to the bank they siege at 10:40 in a Bankberfall by two masked men. They threaten to break the bank in the air. same time, we are presented many persons who belong to the SWAT A. This part I find something cluttered. To understand the team to be able to the role and position of each person, one has to possibly fall back on some passage … While sitting together the team in the office, the TV air: President Bush verkndet the operation Freedom for Iraq.

Iraq war begins exactly the same time as Bankberfall. Probably these two events will continue in the book on the exciting topic Cilla Hjelm, who belongs to the nine hostages, manages to send her ex a text message. “Help hostage Cilla”. Paul Hjelm heard of the Stockholm section – the ortsansssigen police – on.

He will certainly cooperate with the Special Operations Command A to exit the militant hostage-taking Resmee. After anfnglichem persons Chaos follows an exciting description of Bankberfalls with hints: Follows a global use? What is the connection to the Iraq war? What for one significance of the Mass for the Dead (from the title of the book), the Paul Hjelm is anhrt in his office?

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