Experiential Learning Report Internship





28 JANUARY – 18 MAY 2019




Report Submitted In Part of A Fulfillment To Complete Culinary Internship For The Semester of

MARCH 2019 – JULY 2019


Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah S.W.T. our creator. I am so blessed that I have managed to put an end to my internship session successfully with Allah’s blessings.

I would like to thank Him for giving me good health and ability to go through my internship peacefully and well.

Thank you to Department of Culinary Arts and Gastronomy for giving us, the students majoring in culinary arts management, such a huge opportunity to be able to choose to go for internship.

Next, I would like to thank Chef Khairuzzaman Ahmad Hadzri, the Head Chef for giving me an opportunity to undergo my internship in Element Hotel Kuala Lumpur By Westin.

I would like to thank all the staff in kitchen department in Element Hotel Kuala Lumpur By Westin for the hospitality that they have given me which make me feel blessed to be there.

I would like to thank my parent who always support me with the decision I took in doing my intern and been my backbones during my intern period by support in financial, encouragement, moral, and without them, I am nothing.


This study examined the effects of student to learn new technique, environment, intercommunication with the staff, and attitudes in the kitchen.

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While doing the industrial training, it helps a lot in developing a professional attitude. It help develops awareness of industrial approaches to problem solving, a broad understanding of organizational processes and ways of operation.

The aim for this industrial training is to improve self- discipline, teamwork, skills, and technical knowledge through a proper training environment, which it help me, as a student of Culinary Arts Management, to develop a responsiveness n kitchen. During a period of four months training at Element Hotel Kuala Lumpur By Westin, I have been learned new technique that required for the food, the process of the production lines and able to implement what I have learn for the past year as a student in Bachelor in Culinary Arts Management.

When I being a trainee in Element Hotel Kuala Lumpur by Westin, I can see how the staff interaction with others when they having problem. All of them contribute to solve the problem and sometimes they ask our suggestion. Their teamwork really inspire me to become like them. It also help to developed self-confidence in myself.

Chapter Content Page No.

Acknowledgement i

Abstract ii

1.0 Introduction 2.0 Pastry Kitchen

2.1 Operation

2.1a Description

2.1b Reflective Analysis

2.2 Plan and layout

2.2a Description

2.2b Reflective Analysis

2.3 Human Resources/Staffing

2.3a Description

2.3b Reflective Analysis

2.4 Initial Tasks 3.0 Cold kitchen

3.1 Operation

3.1a Description

3.1b Reflective Analysis

3.2 Plan and layout

3.2a Description

3.2b Reflective Analysis

3.3 Human Resources/Staffing

3.3a Description

3.3b Reflective Analysis

3.4 Initial Tasks 4.0 Overall Candidate Reflective Analysis

Recommendations / Future Projection 5.0 Conclusion 6.0 References 7.0 Appendixes 1.0 INTRODUCTION

The internship is a platform for student to gain new experience in an actual workplace. This help the student to gain more experience in the industry that need to satisfy requirements for a qualification. We will encounter many difficulties, and with the experience we get, we are able to complete the internship. When doing my internship, it help me to know and discover myself from different angle and it also help me to develop my attitude in dealing with different kind of people and situation.

In this internship program that have been assigned for all student Part 6th in Culinary Art Management for the duration of four month, I chose Element Hotel Kuala Lumpur by Westin as my host hotel for me to complete my internship. I have several reason why I chose this place to do my internship. First of all, the house that I rent is at Dato’ Keramat. Thus it much easier for me to go to work by using LRT and it only takes 5 minutes to reach the hotel. Secondly, I wanted to fulfillment the excitement and experiences period of interrnship. I had never gone to a 4-star hotel until I start doing my internship there. The environment was much different and new for me. Perhaps, all the experiences while having internship in Element Hotel Kuala Lumpur by Westin will be beneficial in future.

I did my internship at Element Kuala Lumpur stands proudly at 274-metre high in Ilham Tower, one of the tallest, most iconic buildings in Malaysia and I have gained a lot of knowledge and experiences.. Element Hotel draws inspiration from the sense of renewal that defines the Westin brand experience. The hotel started at level 39 until 53 at Menara Ilham. This hotel consists of 252 rooms that also have meeting rooms, all-day-dining restaurant and bar. The 39th floor are located of spa, in-door swimming pool, gym and exercise rooms.

The hotel’s restaurant at level 40 being called, TRACE Restaurant & Bar. Their business operation is 24 hours services. They have 6 kitchen overall which cold kitchen, pastry kitchen, western kitchen, asian kitchen, butcher, and japanese kitchen. This hotel’s restaurant can be accept until 300 guest.

2.0 Pastry Kitchen

2.1 Operation

Pastry kitchen are mostly focus on making variety types of desserts, cakes, and amenities. Pastry kitchen is a place where the chef can create variety types of cake and dessert. Mostly they used oven to baked the cake. The chef need to ensure the method and quantity is correct to used.

2.1a Description

They were produce many type of cakes such chocolate lava cakes, pandan tiramisu, chocolate brownies, cheese cake, mousse, and sponge cake. They also make scone for Arteastry Hi Tea that being used for weekend. Bread and danishes were being supplied. Sometimes the product such as malay kuih is ordered ready-made and need to pick up at ground floor. When there have an big event, the chef will produce a whole cake and variety type of mini cake and dessert that looked luxurious.

In pastry kitchen, they not always cooked because usually use oven to baked. When there have bbq buffet, they need to make ‘bubur kacang’, so they will used asian kitchen equipment to cooked. Same like making jelly and pudding. They also prepared condiment for ABC, ‘roti jala’ for lunch and dinner buffet. For buffet breakfast, they need to prepared for batter pancakes and the condiment such as peanut butter, pandan kaya, original kaya, crumbles, chocolate rice, honey, and maple syrup.

2.1b Reflective Analysis

I started my industrial training in pastry kitchen. The chef ask me to help clean the walk in chiller because that time I still do not know which kitchen that I need to go. I feel nervous because I do not know what to do on the first day. When I done clean the walk in chiller, chef do not know what task that he need to give me so he randomly ask me to help in pastry kitchen. I stay in pastry kitchen for 10 weeks because chef in pastry resign on 18 March and they do not have enough staff. Sometimes I need to do all thing for that day alone and it so hectic until Asian chef and Cold chef help me to prepare it.

2.2 Plan and layout

Table 1: Layout of pastry kitchen that share with cold kitchen.

Table 2: Pastry’s freezer need to pass Asian kitchen.

Table 3: Layout that shown pastry chiller between japanese freezer and beverage chiller

Table 4: Layout for dry store that being shared for all kitchen.

2.2a Description

The layout that shown in table 1 and 5 is U-shape because the space inside the kitchen is not big. Pastry kitchen and cold kitchen share the same kitchen until the actual pastry kitchen done built that located at ground floor. Sometimes they will use cold prep table if they need to make more dessert. Pastry freezer beside cold kitchen chiller that located near to butcher area so they need to pass Asian kitchen area. Breads and danishes put in the freezer that together with others kitchen.

Table 3 shown that pastry chiller that they put all the items that need to be used for buffet breakfast. They also have 1 more pastry freezer that was located at the store that they put all the things for decoration. Pastry dry items were put in the dry store together with others. They need to go pick up all the pastry item at the ground floor’s chiller. In the kitchen, they have chiller and freezer under the prep table that they put item for ala carte.

2.2b Reflective Analysis

The layout arrangements for pastry freezers and chillers are irregular because they are located in the area causing the confusion. Sometimes we did not notice that the new ordered item was still have a lot in the chiller and caused the item to be many that there was no more space to stored. It causing us to put the items at the cold chiller kitchen for a while.

2.3 Human Resources / Staffing

2.3a Description

In the pastry kitchen department, they only have four staff which they all are part timer. There have a chef de partie, but the chef was already resigned in March. Every staff have their own task to do. Chef Aisar as a leader even he only a part timer because he was new there. He will make cakes by using modern style like using glazed, and beautiful decoration. He always make dessert that beyond my expectations and he will make it looks very luxurious.

Shazwani will always make sure to make at least one type of mini cake a day and help the chef if he need help. Aqilah need to prepared the dessert or pastries for event and function. Sometimes Shazwani and Aqilah will making the whole cakes together. Qistina will make sure and prepared pastry items for breakfast buffet such as batter pancakes always enough, danish and bread were already put in their place, and refill the condiment for pancakes and waffles.

2.3b Reflective Analysis

I taught that Chef Umang, former chef de partie was very strict but she very humble. She always teach me and show how to make a better cakes. I have learned many new things that I do not know. Chef Aisar also give me his recipe that easy to make. He always tell us when he know something new. They all always help me when I do not know to do something, and they also believe in me to make order ala carte.

2.4 Initial Task

I doing my industrial training in pastry kitchen for 10 weeks because they lack of staff in this kitchen. Chef give task to always prepared items for breakfast buffet. In pastry kitchen, I start working at 8am and finish at 6pm. When I arrive, I need to go to buffet line, then I need to make juice , pancake and waffle for guest. Pancake and waffle were used same batter but they have two flavor which were plain flavor and pandan flavor. The guest can choose and I will make it. While waiting for pancake or waffle to be done, I will make juice using juice blend. Sometimes there have guest for this 3 items, I need to make the order with guest whichever that comes first. I also nee to make sure the breads and danish always have at their place. Sometimes I will help in Asian item for noodle station. After the buffet closed at 10:30am, I need to clear all the pastry item and cold kitchen item because they shared in one trolley.

I need to take out all the items and put on prep table. Then I need to change and replace the batter to pancake/waffle in pot and danish need to be separated because it can be used to make bread butter pudding. I also need to make sure the condiment for pancake and waffle always refill. I need to cut little square of fruit such as honeydew, rock melon, dragon fruit, papaya that will added with sugar water for breakfast buffet. When I done with breakfast buffet item, I need to make bread butter pudding for ala carte and dinner buffet by using endless danish that was used for breakfast. I also need to help the chef to arrange many types of slice cake in plates for use during dinner buffet.

Sometimes I need to make ‘bubur kacang’, then baked the bread butter pudding if there have lunch and dinner buffet. Chef Umang teach me how to make varieties of jelly and pudding that can be use for dinner buffet. I need to prepared the condiment for ‘roti jala’ such as pandan kaya, original kaya, honey, maple syrup, and peanut butter in a bowl. After done prepared items for dinner buffet, I need to help chef setting for dinner buffet at 5pm. When there have function or event for upcoming days, we will make it early. Sometimes I will help for dinner buffet such as refill the item, serve for noddles station, make sure the foods always hot by setting the temperature of the pots.


2.1 Operation

Cold kitchen is mostly prepare the appetizer, fruits, cold meat, raw vegetables, salads, and cold platters. The kitchen operation is 24 hours but when for midnight, the staff from Asian kitchen will cover for it. The chef need to ensure that the product have stock and quality of the product is good to serve to guest. They need to ensure the product were prepared according to the recipe.

2.1a Description

The product from cold kitchen usually do are sandwiches, assorted fruits for ala-carte and buffet, many types of kerabu are being served for buffet and ala carte, they only served ‘kerabu mangga isi ketam’, cold cut and raw vegetables. They also prepared dressings, vinaigrette, and garnishes. When there have a function that want a full-course for western set or asian set, cold kitchen will serve for both type of appetizer.

They not always cooks like western and asian kitchen because they always use the food that are ready to eat item such as vietnam roll, raw vegetables, fruits, and tortilla wrap. Some of the kerabu need to be cook, so the staff of cold kitchen will cooked at asian kitchen. They need to setting for buffet breakfast everyday at 5am which have two type of cold meat, three type of salads, four types of kerabu, six types of fruits, six types of fruits for making juice and four types of dressings. They also need to setting for bbq buffet at 5pm for Thursday to Sunday.

2.1b Reflective Analysis

Some of the product are already made so its help to reduce the work of staff. It still have many things to do. A lot of things I learn such as how to make ‘kerabu mangga isi ketam’, live well salad, and wrap and roll sharwama. I also learn the correct technique to cut the fruits and how to prepared the variety of salad. Every month have improvement that I learn many thing more and more but sometimes I confused because they have their own technique. When I cut the fruit using the chef technique, then other chef will come and teach me their technique.

2.2 Plan and Layout

Table 5: Layout of the cold kitchen

Table 6: Cold’s chiller that has a walk distances.

2.2a Descriptions

Layout for cold kitchen is sharing with pastry kitchen. Prep area beside the chiller is for fruits section which and sometimes use for prepare making wrap and roll. This kitchen, they use U-shape which set up all along the wall and only the center have a space. Sometimes we need to use asian prep area to cut fruits or vegetables.

They have other chiller which is located besides asian prep table and walk-in chiller is being shared with others kitchen. They do not have cooking station so they need to use asian cooking station at asian kitchen. They need to go ground floor to pick up the arriving item such as salads, fruits, and vegetables and it takes more than 15 minutes because the lift is very slow. Cold kitchen is have air-conditioner which it to prevent product become easily spoilage.

2.2b Reflective Analysis

The kitchen is not big and we need to give space for staff to go through us. Cold kitchen and pastry kitchen need to shared kitchen, so we need to shared the utensils and equipment. The small space was unable to accommodate all staff so we had to go to the Asian prep table area to make mice en place. Sometimes we need to put the cutting board at trolley to continue our work. I always need to cut the fruit at Asian prep table.

2.3 Human Resources / Staffing

2.3a Description

Cold kitchen have three staff who have their own tasked which there a person in charge, Sharul Ashraff is a junior sous chef also as a leader for cold kitchen need to control the to make become smooth and he also will involve when there have a event in making decoration to food. There also have Goh Chyi Sheng, commis 1 been assigned to prepare for fruits, kerabu for event, bbq dinner and ala-carte. There have Meor, commis 2 been assigned to prepared for buffet breakfast everyday and he will work start 5am.

When they done with their work, they will help other to settle it fast so they can focused for making ala carte. For weekend, there have Arteastry Hi Tea so they need to prepare for it such as vietnam roll, tortilla wrap with vegetables, salmon canapes, and sandwiches. The production almost being prepared between 11am to 5pm. The staff need to know where the food being put, how to decorate, how to produce and when it should be use.

2.3b Reflective Analysis

The staff really take good care of the trainee and they always ask if there something do not know to do. I learn many things from them. They also teach me to do the ala carte order so when they have something else to do, they let me do it myself. They are really enjoy doing their task but when there have sudden function or event, they be very frustrated because need to prepare very fast.

2.4 Initial Task

I been assigned to be in Cold kitchen team for 6 week. My shift always from 1pm to 11pm and a few times I need to start work at 8am to 6pm. When I start my work at 1pm, I need to pick up fruits at ground chiller located near to security guard. It almost take 20 minutes for me as a woman to bring it using trolley to the kitchen. Then I need to cut six types of fruits for buffet breakfast and bbq dinner. I also need to cut fruits for ‘rojak buah’ that being used in bbq dinner. I have learn the correct and fast cutting for fruits but different chef different technique of cutting skill. Then I need to make mice en place for ala carte such as cut the onion, lemongrass, tomato, bunga kantan, bird eye chilli, and mango for ‘kerabu mangga isi ketam’.

Next, I need to prepare mice en place for wrap and roll sharwarma, caesar salad, and live well salad. Sometimes for 3 times a week, I need to cut and peel 2-3 box of oranges that are being used for making juice in buffet breakfast. Then, I need to prepare red and green apple, cucumber, carrot, and ginger for making juices. I need to clear the breakfast buffet very fast if they have buffet at lunch that need to be setting at 12pm. We only have about one hour to clear and prepare for setting buffet lunch.

4.0 Overall Candidate Reflective Analysis

As I am a trainee at Element Hotel Kuala Lumpur by Westin for four month, I have learn new experience mostly from pastry and cold kitchen.

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