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H & B Computer Education Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Virtualization

H & B Computer Education establi shed in 2014, Today H & B education is one of

following training institute in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. H & B Computer Education is

one of the largest recruitment and training companies specializing in permanent and

contract staffing solution across all IT functions. We provide innovative and customize

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solution that aids companies find talent and close their positions quickly.

? Objective

H & B Computer Education mission is to instruct all the candidates who would like to

make career or shrink business with the help of hardware training, software training, digital

marketing training. We would also like to create an online session in regional lan guage so,

that candidate who don’t have dexterity in English can also understand this course and take

maximum benefits out of this course as well.

1.2 Activities

? Hardware & Networking

? Hardware

? Network


? Cloud

? Microsoft

? Virtualization


? CCTV System

? Software Training

? C, C++ Programming Training

? Graphic Designing Training

? I Phone Training

? Android Training

? ASP.Net Training

? PHP Training

? JAVA Training

? Database

? Software Testing Training

? Storage Management

? Cloud Computing

? SEO Training

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1.3 Facilities & Organizational Structure

There is 4 lab .Each lab contains 6 pc with medium level configuration. From 4 labs one lab is

specially for server experiment. There is a different type of course and each course has

different faculties. Also good environment, water all other facility for student is provided.

There are 10 faculties are working here and all are with specialization of particular course. We

have 6 institutes. Every institute are well managed and regularly monitored by our managin g

team. Choose your best place to learn and choose your best program from our institute. Your

success and bright future always be on the ri ght institute and right program. We have

experienced faculty for every subjects. Every department will monitor indivi dual students with

proper guidance. Learn best technologies from us!

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Chapter: 2

Concept & Fundamental

of Project

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2.1 Study of Existing System

In existing system we face problem like lack of information about vehicle facility, food and

stay problem in hotel. And sometimes some website does not provide details about travel trip

without login or register. Only limited information provide on website.

2.2 Proposed System

Our new system provides the seasonal package, different offers, vehicle facility, time

utilization and attractive web site.

2.2.1 Objective

Main Objective Of this Application the tourist can ask their question to Expert in Own

Language and any Form like text and User Can see other tourist Question they ask to tourist.

Objective of application is build for technology knowledge su ch as tourist finds their solution

in less time. With the help of this application the tourist can get information about the different

different facility and places. Tourist can provide feedback to the Objective of application for

technology knowledge such as find by easy solution in a less time to current system.

2.2.2 Project Definition

Project title : “decision tree based tourism recommendation”

2.2.3 Project platform

Project platform: windows 10

Hardware Description : 4 GB RAM, 300 GB HDD, INTEL I5 PROCESSOR

Technologies: Front -End: – python

Back -End: -MY SQL, Mongo DB

Tools: pycharm

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2.2.4 Project Scope & Summary

The system has three types of users

(1) Administrator

Admin can manage all the record related to the applications that manage the user and agency details

also generate reports. Admin can delete unrelated question of tourist.

(2) User

This module can register t hose details and login in system after registration. The user asks

the question to tourist in any form like text in any language and also sees distance, location ,

hotel price etc.

(3) Agencies

This module can register them details and login in system after registration. This module

can allow answer the tourist question in any form like text in any language.

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Chapter: 3

Systems Analysis, Design



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3.1 System Analysis

3.1.1 Problem Definition

We face problem lack of information about vehicle facility, food and stay problem in hotel and

sometime some website does not provide details about travels trip without login or register

only limited information provided on website. Sometime hotel quality is not good we visited

on website.

3.1.2 Fact Finding Techniques

All Information we need to get known about the place to go out it is found in this

project/website. We use Google map for that information or how long it takes to reach a place

or to know where it is. The location is also use for the finding the place we g o or also

seasonable spaces. We usually associated with the travel agency and the manager of the hotel

or restaurant. All information received from the users wills privet. Usually we will connect to

many technique.

3.1.3 Requirement Analysis

Mostly the u sers are interested in attractive website or they can get the information or more

features take less details about them self. According to this requirement we develop our

website for tourism that provided all information about the traveling details, food, vehicles,

hotel etc. they can save users time and money. We are puts our best on this website. The main

purpose of the website is to integrate the system into consisted manner so that complex

function can be handled smoothly and any technical or non -techni cal user can easily use the


3.1.4 Feasibility Study

We do not charge from any user or for new users, provided attribute could give enough

opportunity to find places to recommend. User can view any type of information such as

restaurant and lodging for places to visit and even if the user login, he has no ch arge provide

us. We get user information such as name, mobile number or email id etc. We take special care

to ensure that the user is getting more and more information. We will collect all the data of any

problem in the old system and make it better and th ere is no loss of it. And give the user a

better website. We will resolve all user issue.

3.1.5 Requirement Specification

We are connected with the user and give all the information about tourism throw our website.

Our website is getting the user details like name, city of users ,mobile number or mail id etc.

we are also connected with the travels agency ,hotel or restaurant manager. User gets more

information on less timing. Website shall easy to use and user friendly with minimum design

as possible and have more information, so as to make user comfortable with the interface. The

system must adapt to changes in any input record format without the need to recompile any


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3.1.6 Process Model

? Spiral Model ?

? What is Spiral Model? ?

Spiral Model is a combination of a waterfall model and iterative model. Each phase in spiral

model begins with a design goal and ends with the client reviewing the progress. The spiral

model was first mentioned by Barry Boehm in his 1986 paper.

The develo pment team in Spiral -SDLC model starts with a small set of requirement and

goes through each development phase for those set of requirements. The development team

adds functionality for the additional requirement in every -increasing spirals until the

appli cation is ready for the production phase.

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? Spiral Model of SDLC spans into four phases: ?

Spiral model


Activities performed during phase

Planning It includes estimating the cost, schedule and resources for the

iteration. It also involves understanding the system requirements

for continuous communication between the system analyst and the


Risk Analysis Identification of potential risk is done while risk mitigation strategy

is planned and finalized

Engineering It includes testing, coding and deploying software at the customer site

Evaluation Evaluation of software by the customer. Also, includes identifying

and monitoring risks such as schedule

slippage and cost overrun

? When to use Spiral -SDLC Model? ?

o When project is large.

o When releases are required to be frequent.

o When creation of a prototype is applicable.

o When risk and costs evaluation is important.

o For medium to high -risk projects.

o When requirements are unclear and complex.

o When changes may require at any time.

o When long term project commitment is not feasible due to changes in economic priorities.

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? Advantages and Disadvantages of Spiral Model ?


Advantages Disadvantages

Additional functionality or changes can be

done at a later stage .

Risk of not meeting the schedule or budget .

Cost estimation becomes easy as the

prototype building is done in small

fragments .

It works best for large projects only also

demands risk assessment expertise .

Continuous or repeated development helps in

risk management .

For its smooth operation spiral model

protocol needs to be followed strictly .

Development is fast and features are added

in a systematic way .

Documentation is more as it has

intermediate phases .

There is always a space for customer

feedback .

It is not advisable for smaller project; it

might cost them a lot .

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3.1.7 Schedule for the Milestone Activities

Plan Of Work

Month Requirement













3.2 System Design

3.2.1 Software Design Principles

Software design principles represent a set of guidelines that helps us to avoid having a bad

design. The design principles are associated to Robert Martin who gathered them in “”Agile

Software Development: Principles, Patterns, and Practices””. According to Robert Martin there

are 3 important characteristics of a bad design that should be avoided:

Rigidity – It is hard to change because every change affects too many other parts of the system.

Fragility – When you make a change, unexpected parts of the system break.

Immobility – It is hard to reuse in another application because it cannot be disentangled from

the current application.

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3.2.2 Data Flow Diagram

? DFD -0Level

Page | 14

? DFD -1Level

Page | 15

? DFD -2Level

Page | 16

3.2.3 E -R Diagram

Page | 17

3.2.4 Use case Diagram

Page | 18

3.2.5 Sequence Diagram

Page | 19

3.2.6 Activity Diagram

Page | 20

3.2.7 Class Diagram

Page | 21

3.2.8 Data Dictionary



Field Name Data Type Constraint

Email id Varchar2(30) Foreign key

Password Varchar2(10) Not Null



Field Name Data Type Constraint

Hotel_id Varchar2(10) Primary Key

Hotel Name Varchar2(10) Not Null

Food category Varchar2(10) Not Null

Room Number Varchar2(10) Not Null

Room Rate Number(4) Not Null

Amenities Varchar2(10) Not Null


Field Name Data Type Constraint

Resort_ id Varchar2(10) Primary Key

Resort Name Varchar2(10) Not Null

Booking Varchar2(5) Not Null

Payment Method Varchar2(6) Not Null

Offer/Discount Varchar2(2) Not Null

Amenities Varchar2(10) Not Null

Page | 22


Field Name Data Type Constraint

Reg_ id Int Primary Key

Name Varchar2(10) Not Null

Contact no. Number Not Null

Email id Varchar2(10) Not Null

Password Varchar2(10) Not Null

Con. Password Varchar2(10) Not Null



Field Name Data Type Constraint

Bus /Luxury Name Varchar2(10) Not Null

Bus/luxury No Varchar2(4) Primary Key

Reservation Varchar2(5) Not Null

Contact No Number Not Null

Time Varchar2(6)3 Not Null


Field Name Data Type Constraint

Flight Name Varchar2(7) Not Null

Flight No Varchar2(5) Primary Key

Amenities Varchar2(8) Not Null

Beg weight Varchar2(2) Not Null


Field Name Data Type Constraint

Train Name Varchar2(7) Not Null

Train No Varchar2(5) Primary Key

Amenities Varchar2(8) Not Null

General Varchar2(7) Not Null

Ladies/Gens Varchar2(7) Not Null

Page | 23


Field Name Data Type Constraint

Season Varchar2(7) Not Null

Offers Varchar2(3) Not Null

Image Varchar2(50) Not Null

Description Varchar2(8) Not Null


Field Name Data Type Constraint

Popular States Char(8) Not Null

Popular Cities Char(8) Not Null

Travel Talk Varchar2(80) Not Null


Field Name Data Type Constraint

Holliday Packages in India Varchar2(5) Not Null

Holliday Themes in India Varchar2(5) Not Null

Popular Domestic Destinations Varchar2(5) Not Null

Popular Hotels in India Varchar2(4) Not Null


Field Name Data Type Constraint

Full Name Char(30) Not Null

Email id Varchar2(25) Not Null

Mobile No Number(10) Not Null

Website Varchar2(25) Not Null

Feedback Varchar2(50) Not Null

3.3 Software Development

3.3.1 Hardware & Software Requirement

? Software Requirement

• Front -End: – Python

• Back -End : – MY SQL, Mongo DB

• Operating System: – 64 -bit

• Tools: – Pycharm

Page | 24

? Hardware Requirement

• Processor: – Intel core i3

• RAM: – 4 GB and above

• Hard Disc: – 20 GB and above

3.3.2 User Interface


Admin can manage all the record related to the applications that manage the user and

agency details also generate reports. Admin can delete unrelated question of tourist.


This module can register those details and login in system after registration. The user

asks the question to tourist in any form like text in any language and also sees

distance, location , hotel price etc.


This module can register them details and login in system after registration. This

module can allow answer the tourist question in any form like text in any language.

Page | 25

Chapter: 4


Page | 26

4.1Advantages & Limitation

? All Facility available on one platform.

? Time saving.

? Easy to access the system from anywhere and anytime.

? Easy to find the Food/vehicle/hotel.

? Get detailed information.

? Limitation

? Required an active Internet connection.

? Sometime offers not available.

4.2 Future Enhancement

For future work, different types of classifiers can be considered to increase the classification

accuracy rate for the data sets. Moreover, front -end website and an interactive and adaptive user

interface will be designed and implemen ted. In future we are coding and testing of this website.

We collect the review from the user. We will improve the website after seeing that review.



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