Quality Assurance



1.1 Introduction:

“Quality Assurance” is providing the best products to the customers by preventing mistakes and defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems.

Life Style Food Pvt. Ltd. is one of the India’s leading manufacturer of spices, which lays great emphasis on quality. All raw, in production and finished materials pass through stringent quality control tests before going out. This ensure that customers get a superior quality and fully tested products.

2. Materials and Methods

Materials: Sterilized petri plates, Dishes, Test tubes, Bottom Flask, Inoculating loop wire


(1) Weighing Balance- It was used to weigh all the samples required for analysis.

It has been closed from all the sides while weighing samples. Capacity of weighing balance is 200 gm.

(2)Hot Air Oven- It was the equipment used for moisture analysis purpose. Hot air was circulated for taking out moisture from the particular sample.

(3)Muffle Furnace- Muffle furnace was used for total ash analysis. It worked at 550 deg. Cel. Silica crucibles were used for sample storage in muffle furnace.

(4)Clean-o-grader- Clean-o-grader separates the seeds on the basis of their different parameters such as size, shape etc.

(5)Destoner- De-stoner was used for clean the raw material which may sometimes contain stones, metal, ash, filth or waste in whole spices, pulses etc. The raw material is then sent for further processing or packing.

(6)Gravity Separator- Gravity separator, separates damaged, light weight, insect infested and broken seeds from good ones. This leaves only bold and damage free seeds for further processing or packing.

(7)Desiccators -These were the equipments used for cooling of the dryed samples.

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Samples cooled in dessicators so that it should not observe the moisture while cooling. Silica

gel was used to absorb the moisture present in air.

(8)Steam Water Bath – Steam water bath was used to heat the samples at 70-90 deg. Cel. for particular analysis. E.g. enzyme activity.

(9)Hot Plate – It was used for heating purpose while doing the titrations also could be used for normal heating.

(10)Soxhlet Apparatus- Soxhlet assembly was used for the fat estimation. Soxhlet can be of different types for single, double or triple samples at a time. Thimbles were used for keeping the samples in assembly for fat estimation. Continuous water circulation was also done.

Fig. (10) – Soxhlet Assembly



During reception of raw material sampling was done according to sampling plan for physical and chemical analysis of raw material by quality assurance department. If analysis result was lie with in the specification then material was received and stored in storage area where temperature and relative humidity is maintained.

3.1.2. Fumigation

Incoming raw materials is pre-fumigated on arrival at the factory premises. This ensures that all harmful insects and pests are removed. After this is done, the raw material is sent for processing, grinding or packing.

3.1.3. Cleaning

Firstly all raw material cleaned by manually and After cleaning the raw material is sent to fully automatic seed spice cleaning machines. These machines clean the raw material, which in turn reduces processing time and deliver high quality products to customers. All raw material passes through the clean-o-grader, destoner and gravity separator which removes the dust, stones and other foreign matters.

3.1.4. Grinding

Specialized grinding machines used for grinding the raw material into powder form such as chilli, turmeric, coriander, cumin and other products. We use specific machines for each type of

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