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For what reason should the national government authorize the utilization of pot? Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Federalism

Final Paper Outline

1. Introduction

As indicated by the insights from the government, in excess of 80 million American residents smoke marijuana. Most of that smoking marijuana is decent residents who buckle down, settle government expenses, raise families and contribute emphatically to their social orders. Seemingly, a great number of individuals who smoke marijuana are not offenders, and in this way, it will be unjustifiable in the event that they are treated as hoodlums. Best proficient pioneers and specialists, including chose and state government authorities admit to having smoked marijuana. Thus, along these lines, there is a need to consider this reality on our government and state laws. By so doing, the legend that smoking marijuana is a degenerate or a periphery movement would have been put to rest. This paper will give reasons why marijuana ought to be sanctioned and contend the way that there is no significant distinction between people smoking weed and those that don’t.

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2. Thesis Statement

Marijuana is the most ordinarily utilized medication in the United States. Nonetheless, it has the particular differentiation of being both a normally utilized unlawful substance and furthermore a legitimately endorsed restorative substance in certain states. Marijuana has been deductively demonstrated to diminish torment in patients experiencing conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis. Since the all-encompassing and medicinal properties of this plant have been recorded, for what reason is it not authorized all through the United States? This would both increment availability to the treatment for patients in states where restorative Marijuana is at present not legitimate and diminish the taxation rate related to the present criminalization of pot clients. Furthermore, this taxation rate could be diminished as well as turned around with the legitimization and tax collection of this essential and helpful industry.

3. Heading for Main Point 1- Describes the historical and Constitutional basis of the American Government’s structure and how this relates to the policy.

I will concentrate on the Controlled Substance Act of 1970 and how it has developed throughout the years. The mainstream substance concentrated on today is marijuana and if and where the medication can be utilized lawfully. Utilizing federalism to battle state to state laws against government laws.

a. Subheading 1- Marijuana guideline hence gives a helpful and auspicious model for investigating the manners by which the dispersion of intensity between the government and the states can encourage strategy change I will focus on the controlled substance act of 1970 and how it evolved over the years.


b. Subheading 2- “Medical marijuana is currently a controversial issue in medicine. (McKenna)


4. Heading for Main Point 2 – Explains how the policy is involved within the process of checks and balances.

a. Subheading 1- “Federal courts consistently have upheld the authority of congress to regulate marijuana.” This includes marijuana grown privately under the Interstate commerce clause.

b. Subheading 2- “Controlled Substance of 1970 (CSA) made it a federal crime for anyone to use or possess any amount of marijuana anywhere in the U.S. Current federal cannabis policy, on the other hand, complicates the matter, and can be traced back to a memorandum issued in 2013 by then-Deputy Attorney General James M. Cole. The Cole Memo instructed U.S. attorneys general in states that have legalized marijuana to use their limited resources in prosecuting CSA offenses only if they violated specific federal enforcement priorities. (Blumenfeld)

5. Heading for Main Point 3 – Describes how the policy relates to public policy and elections and how the policy is portrayed by the media.

a. Subheading 1- Cannabis and the Controlled Substances Act. The CSA has not caught up to public sentiment, largely in part to the different processes between a state ballot initiative and rescheduling of a substance in the CSA. (Fisher)

b. Subheading 2- Marijuana classification as a schedule I drug means that the DEA defines it as a drug with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse (Hirst, 2013). Hirst contends that this illegal status of the drug has been a major impediment facilitating research that would evaluate potential benefits of the drug. The author also points out that a complicated federal approval process and limited availability of research-grade marijuana add to the difficulty (Hirst, 2013). Classifying it to a Schedule II drug, according to the author, would mean that it is still considered harmful, but it would acknowledge that the drug has potential medical value and, therefore, facilitate research (Hirst, 2013). .

c. Heading for Main Point 4 – Explains how the policy impacts voting and the election process.

a. Subheading 1- Marijuana legalization could reach a national tipping point on Election Day. Andy Riner, a state prosecutor in Arkansas, which is considering a measure to legalize medical marijuana, said he was concerned that loosening the restriction on a federally banned substance would hurt communities in his state.(Bush)

b. Subheading 2- In certain states, votes could without much of a stretch go whichever way in light of the fact that there is critical help from the two sides. These states are called swing states. In a swing state, an issue like pot legitimization could be the factor that decides if voters lean Republican or Democrat. Applicants savagely contend to prevail upon swing states, and marijuana sanctioning may be the instrument they use to excel in 2020.. (Rosado)

6. Conclusion

Your conclusion should summarize the key points, restate your thesis (but not verbatim), and establish a conclusion regarding your topic. It should be a minimum of one complete paragraph of at least five sentences in length.

7. Reference List

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