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Religious tourism is one of the rising businesses in the Travel Industry. Our company provides religious tours within India. We are not focused on just one religion tourism rather we provide all religious places tours in India which are called the “Land of faith”. From north India to south India our Company covers a huge range of religious places which are very rich in Vedas, spirituality, and culture. The best part of these religious trips is each place has a vast and meaningful history.

To give our customers better service we try to reach over remote places like Gangotri Temple the way to reach the temple is very dangerous we try to give our best to provide them ease to reach out there. Following are the part of the places which we provide for religious tours: Golden Temple (Amritsar, Punjab) is the holiest place located in Amritsar, Punjab. It is a pilgrimage place of Sikhism which is famous for its four entrances which reflect that all people in this life are equally welcomed in this temple and the Holy Tank of this place is also well-known for emitting physical problems.

Sun Temple (Konark, Odisha) is an architecture that is huge and has 12 pairs of carved wheels, there is one statue on a majestic Chariot that depicts the victory of the King. It is one of the best places for art lovers and religious travelers.

Ajmer Sharif (Ajmer, Rajasthan) is a peaceful place where everyone’s wishes are fulfilled known as Dargah Sharif.

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When you enter from the gate you will feel the peace over there and everyone from a different religion comes there for worship. Velankanni Church (Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu) is one of the faith pillars in India where the Lady of Health gives you blessings for good health and many devotees get well soon from their blessings. Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) is one of the famous places for vanishing sins from your life it is faith for Hindus. This city is crowded with tourists and they perform in morning and evening rituals of the palace which increase their divinity. This is one of the visiting religious places in India. Bodhgaya (Bihar, UP) is a place of Buddhism where Lord Buddha worships himself there. It is a great place to pray and meditate. We provide different tour packages all over Canada for India for example North India, Central India, South India, Colonial India, and many more trips as well. In recent years, however, we reach a large and more segmented market which includes more sub-niches from the luxury religious market to backpacking and from religious travel to volunteer-oriented events. Our target market for Religious tours is who tend to have an experience in religious tours. Our market segmentation is less sensitive and does not change according to ups and downs in the economy. So, we tend to focus on old people who want to have a religious experience with new culture and tradition and they also have high disposable income with free time.

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