Reign of Terror in the French Revolution

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Power can be described as control when an individual sees it as a way of manipulation when above law. People of power will go to extremes such as murder to deceive the public and benefit themselves.

Maximilien Robespierre believed murder was a tool to frighten the society. Robespierre was born in Nothern France on May 6, 1758. He followed his father’s tracks by attending school in Paris to become an attorney. Over time, Robespierre started to obtain jurisdiction because he was a part of the National Assembly and Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen.

For instance, the Reign of Terror states, “Robespierre was so dedicated to the cause of the revolution and creating a republic that he even personally ordered the execution of some of his closest friends, their wives, and children¨ Robespierre perpetrated greedy acts in order to preserve his power and demonstrate to the people that he was committed to his powerful ruling. He went as far as assassinating innocent people to intimidate them.

Robespierre managed France. In pursuit of his authority, Robespierre privately commanded the massacre of many people in France in order to prove he was all-powerful.

In a similar case, The Reign of terror also declared. “ During the Reign of Terror at least 300,000 suspects were arrested; around 100,000 were executed ( 400,000 officially ), and perhaps 100,00 more died in prison or without trial ¨. When Robespierre became a Radical leader of a group, he gained control of the Jacobins. Groups were run by the government of France, and Robespierre became the most powerful man in France.

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Robespierre killed hundreds of thousands of people without an opportunity to speak up / defend themselves. Ultimately leading to deaths of innocent people that the revolutionary expressed to protect, many lives were lost to a controlling selfish human being. Robespierre manipulated to intimidate and become all mighty.

Marie Antoinette took advantage of her status to buy herself lavish goods at a time of crisis. Marie was born in 1755 in France, Marie was extremely spoiled and was raised with an extravagant lifestyle. She became the spouse of the next heir to the French royalty. The heir was Louis XVI, who was somewhat simple and also including an unsociable person. Marie was different, she was bubbly and was influenced on entertainment she became inconsiderate to the underprivileged people. To illustrate, article, ¨Marie Antoinette¨, declared, ¨ A failed harvest made the price of grain skyrocket, and mobs were rioting in the streets of Paris, demanding cheap bread¨. Citizens were famishing in the streets, bread was too pricey to obtain due to large grain costs. This lead to homicidal riots and people were getting hurt/ killed as a result. The people who had the most acres in France such as the royalty didn’t have to give taxes, On the other hand, “poor people” felt pressured by high taxes and resentful of the royal families spending. The queens spending habits were outrages, while the town continued to suffer, the queen was consumed over her materialistic lifestyle, which she had easy access to.

As proof, the article. ¨Marie Antoinette”, asserted, ¨The queen gambled recklessly, ordered expensive jewelry and clothes, and spent fortunes on creating her own private domain at Versailles- The Petit Trianon.¨ Food being too costly to buy due to high tax rates, the queen still gambled carelessly and ordered really high-priced items. Marie took advantage of the power given to her as a queen, she started her purchasing binges of valuable presents to her buddies, and it leads to her giving more time and money for herself. Maries free-spirited life was not warming to the people of France. People became upset about how Marie Antoinette made selfish movements, she was the most expected to accuse of the sick conditions of the lower class residents.

King James assumed God put him in a place making him believe he has a lot of power to control. When a/the king is a above law, he won’t ever be questioned or punished for his actions. King James, believed he was full of power, because God put him in that position; that he has the divine right to rule, from the True law of monarchies – King James compares king to people, like head to the body, ¨The head cares for the body, so doth the king for his people, as discourse and direction flows from the head, and the execution. According thereunto belongs to the rest of the member’s everyone according to their office¨. The head (king) gives orders to the people (body). The people obey without question. There’s no accountability. The king prevents evil from harming his people, and if he has to, he will get rid of/cut off a rotten member by any threat. The country needs their king to survive, if the king gets remove, their country will suffer because the body needs the head.

Power and control can be abused when an individual of leadership only craves to benefit themselves and do whatever it takes to stay at a higher rank.

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