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Regret Research Paper Topics & Free Essay Examples

A comparison of the subjective factors between Di Hua and Juanjuan which cause the tragedy of their lives in Wu Jianren’s Sea of Regret

Wu Jianren’s 1906 novella ‘Sea of Regret (originally titled Hen Bai) is a masterpiece of modern Chinese literature. The book is rich in themes of morality and the challenges of modernity and patriotism. Adopting a tone of sentimentality that is essential to the Chinese literary aesthetic the novella deals also with concepts such as chivalry…

Statements such as I’ll try my best not to regret it and

Statements such as “I’ll try my best not to regret it,” and “I’ll spend my time wisely so as not to have any regrets” are stale remarks that we often hear. Some think that they can obtain a great deal of satisfaction by living a life with no regrets. As they strive for such a…

A person who fell prey to revenge and regret can never find

A person who fell prey to revenge and regret can never find peace. By nature, humans crave happiness but, losing this happiness would lead the affected individual into a state of despair and regret which might lead them into seeking revenge. Losing my grandfather’s memento was the thing I regretted most, seeing it burn right…

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