ReflectionSolid waste generation and its management have become


Solid waste generation and its management have become a global issue. As per the report, “What a Waste 2”, published by World Bank, annual global waste production is more than 2 billion tons, and it is only expected to increase as more countries graduate into middle- or high-income countries. The story for Bhutan is following the same trend. As the country moves forward, generation of wastes and challenges of its management are growing as well. Crystal clear rivers and pristine environment are being polluted and the problem is only going to exacerbate if concerted efforts are not put in place at the earliest possible.

Thus, I chose this topic.

I did most of my assignment either in the University during the day when I did not need to attend classes or at home at night when I did not get enough time to do at the University. While at the University, I had my friends around to discuss and consult about the topics.

At home my family who always encouraged and supported me all through. To prepare for my assignment, I read papers and reports about waste generation and management not only about my countries but also worldwide and noted down important points and ideas, and then later I put them into logical sequence and elaborated them. My friends and my family were always there to give me moral support and thus I managed to read lots of papers and reports, and then finally give shape to my assignment.

As with everything, before I began, I was worried a bit about how well I could do the assignment.

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However, while doing the assignment I thought nothing was impossible if one put bit of an effort into the work. I guess, other might have felt the same thing as I did. After submission I feel both relieved that I managed to complete the assignment and submit but also worried about what the outcome of assessment. While doing the assignment, it gave to lots of ideas and lessons about doing an assignment.

There are lots of positive things that happened while doing this assignment. I got new ideas and knowledge. I read lots of papers and reports that I would never read otherwise. Also learnt about taking notes, summarizing and critical reviewing of papers and reports. There was not much to write about negative things. Sometimes it was bit time consuming and difficult to find information at times. Above all, I thought I managed to put the assignment into a proper structure and in a logical sequence with good numbers of information. However, there lack of literature on waste issues in Bhtuan was a limiting factor. But in the end, with support and encouragement of friends and family, I managed to complete the assignment fairly well and well in time.

Though I did all I could, it could have been a much better experience if I had thought carefully about the topic, planned it carefully well in advance and then carried out accordingly. One of the things that I could have done differently was to choose a topic that quite familiar with. Then I could have contributed much more than I did. Bu, it was good that I something new and I learnt a lot. I feel to do better in future, better knowledge and skills about critical review, analysis and good command of language are essential. I learnt a lot of these skills while doing the assignment.

In the future, following strategies could be useful to deal with similar situations:

• Carefully choose a topic

• Strengthen skills on critical review and analysis

• Discuss and brainstorm with friends about the topic

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