The main purpose of this report is to reflect on my experience while working as a group to develop a project business case. In my team we are six in number from different cultural backgrounds, but we speak a common language which is English, we had different roles in my team, I was an implementer and a completer, in accordance to the Team Role Theory which states that in a team each member will have a particular role to play different from others (Belbin D.

M., 2007).

In the evolve of team building Tuckman’s team work theory of four stages of group development which includes forming, storming, norming and performing(Tuckman BW 1977) gave me a better understanding of group development. During my experience both positive and negative circumstances happened. In the forming stage team members are not united quite well (scott D. J., 2000). Firstly we struggled to make a choice of project to work on, and to start with a leader was selected.

In other to prepare for the team task, a meeting was held in the library to build trust and to generate ideas on a particular project to work on. After the discussion we were able to identify the problem of poor car maintenance by working class people in Bristol , our solution to the problem is a project we named “Green mobile Auto care” This idea is to develop a platform for customers to easily book car services.

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Through meetings the leader illustrated the team task, divided the team task and each member’s strength and weakness was identified.

When the forming stage finished the storming stage came as a clash of views from the resource coordinator and the leader over some suggestions concerning a business case template, each individual had different attitudes and views, the argument did some damage to developing a good project business case , although I tried to calm the situation. In the norming stage it was all about growing of togetherness as a group (Gersick, 1998). The stage of performing was the final stage, as a team we focused on the task to implement and complete it. As an implementer I was reliable and efficient, I turned the ideas we formulated into practical actions, my role is important to the team work, guaranteeing that task is implemented and finished at a scheduled time, I have the capacity to follow through and pay attention to details, this worked effectively and efficiently to make our team goals standardized.

Through the stages of the group development and my experience I learnt that good communication, listening to others views, unity and discipline are very important to make a team work more efficiently. I strongly feel the importance of team work and the fulfilment it brings for quality task completion and goal achievement. In the future I aim to give in my best, to be more supportive as a member of a team to see that a task is well planned, implemented and completed.


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