Reducing a pilot wage - pros and cons

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Why reducing the wage of a pilot is wrong

Cutting off a pilot wage is a direct and obvious way of demoting them. The demotion means loss of control and command, not only at the workplace but also at home. It becomes deteriorating when the health insurance is increased. It may destabilize the pilot from being the principal breadwinner in the family since the other partner in a different profession could be earning higher even though the pilot is one the most prestigious professions in the society.

Reducing the wage of a pilot by 15% is perilous and demoralizing. It is even worse for a 45-year-old pilot because he cannot move to another profession, unlike the young pilots who can move to other lucrative opportunities. It is very unfair to cut the pay of such a pilot who has focused on his career for such a long time because they feel unappreciated and de-motivated by the employer.

Cutting the wage of the pilot may cause a detachment with the relatives.

At the normal pay, most pilots treat their families as well as their relatives in a suitable manner. Due to such a decrement in the pay, may create a noticeable change which could be a humiliating situation to the pilot. They may be even unable to concentrate on their work leading to reduced performance. It may therefore force them to change their lifestyle, a circumstance that can affect their work life.

Increasing their health insurance

The reduction of the pilot’s wage came with a purpose to increase company’s efficiency and productivity for the benefit of all the workers.

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As noted earlier, companies used to layoff the workers as a way of controlling labor costs. In this case, however, this company opted to lower the wages for a while as the company works to cope with the rapidly changing economic conditions. The company thinks that is the best move and a very fair one for both the pilots and the company.

Concerning the increase in the health insurance, the company feels it would be of great benefit to the pilot and their family to pay more insurance. It will help the company to be able to cater for the health needs of the pilots and their family during this period of economic instability. It would be very fair for both the company and the pilot because, although the health insurance will be increased by 20%, the company will be able to cover the pilot and their family without having to undergo more expenses that could halt the operations of the company.

Cutting down on the pilot’s payment by 15% and increasing their health insurance by 20% will help the company to retain all the employees. As such, pilots will have more time off duty to spend with their loved ones since many workers will promote shift work. As a result, family unity will be established.

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