Recruiters in the Field of Modern Technologies

As we know that before when people are applying for jobs, they are using traditional way and to go through a face-to-face interview based on their referrals with the Human Resource Department. After that, the recruiters will take the initiative. Nowadays, advances in modern technology are helping Human Resource Professionals make the hiring process easier and more efficient without diluting the human factor. The concept of social recruitment has been established and is no longer considered a transitional phase, it is constantly providing us with new and innovative ways of crowd sourcing.

The use of social networking is an obvious route to success and the new way recruiters interact with job seekers is giving them a more pleasant brand experience. Choosing gamification brands leads to higher retention and a larger online community.

It serves the common purpose of participation and produces a better user experience. For St Regis KL, they are now using gamification of recruitment. Gamification brands leads to higher retention and a larger online community. It serves the common purpose of participation and produces a better user experience. It’s a game on for recruiters looking to win the war for talent in a tight employment market. It also can be used to effective in attracting and evaluating applicants, especially those from the generation raise on Wii and Xbox. Noemi Biro, PWC’s head of recruitment in Budapest, says that the game was originally designed to enhance an employer’s brand. But these days, custom tools are more focused on improving the selection practices of companies and potential employees.

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St Regis KL has developed a hotel-themed online game similar to Farmville or The Sims in which players must simultaneously assume all the responsibilities of a hotel kitchen manager. Users can also get virtual rewards while learning about the industry, which will improve the image of the industry in their eyes. At Facebook St Regis, you can choose your language from English, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Mandarin to start playing the game, and then start managing a “virtual” hotel restaurant kitchen. One example is Marriott International’s recruitment game to attract millennials. Angela Wiggins, a spokeswoman for the company, said the game was called My Marriott Hotel and was posted on Facebook. Before moving into other areas of hotel operations, players can experience what it feels like to manage the restaurant kitchen.

Players create their own virtual restaurant, where they can purchase equipment and ingredients on a budget, hire and train staff, and serve guests. Participants scored points for customer satisfaction and lost points for poor service. When their company makes a profit, they will get a return also. The rationale behind the game is that, as St Regis KL expands in growth markets outside, it must also find a new ways to interest more millennial in the hospitality industry. This has become critical in emerging markets, where hospitality may be less mature. Although gamification is a new concept for the recruitment industry, its application in the field of advertising has been a great success. Gamification is being integrated into advertising campaigns globally, encourage brand participation and to promote a good results.

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