Reciprocating Compressor of Thomassen Compression Systems

No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, by print, photo print, microfilm or any other means without permission in writing from the publisher. USE OF THE TRAINING MANUAL This training manual and the classroom instructions offered with it are designed to acquaint the students with accepted good practice for the operation and maintenance of equipment and systems.

The text is written to be as close as possible to the supplied equipment.

However, it does not purport to be complete, nor will it be specific in every detail. Thomassen Compression Systems B.

V. will not accept any liability whatsoever for work undertaken on the basis of the training manual or the classroom instructions. USE OF THE UNIT INSTRUCTION MANUAL The manufacturer’s operating and maintenance specifications as issued in the unit instruction manuals are the only reliable guide in any specific instance.

If the instruction manuals are not complete, Thomassen Compression Systems B. V. should be consulted. TRAINING COURSE THOMASSEN RECIPROCATING COMPRESSORS (5 day program) First day Introduction Make acquaintance Presentation of the program Discussion of subjects of special interest to the participants An introduction to compression General arrangement of the compressor unit Intro to parts Working principle Rod loads Practical compressor theory First and second law of thermodynamics Ideal gases The gas laws for practical gases

Thomassen Compression Systems

Correction factors (k and k’) The heat of compression Power requirement Compressor efficiency Multi-stage compression Pressure-Enthalpy diagrams Computer demonstration Liquid detection and solutions How to evaluate a compressor during operation Second day Compressor hardware Frame and crankshaft Auxiliary equipment on the frame Foundation bolts Couplings-Crosshead guide Crosshead and shoes Piston rod crosshead connections Connecting rod Compartments Compartment seals Cylinder assembly Pistons The Thomassen Free Floating Piston Piston rod Stuffing box and liner Compressor valves Bearings

TRAINING COURSE THOMASSEN RECIPROCATING COMPRESSORS (5 day program) Third day Compressor systems The lube oil system The cylinder lubrication system adjustment procedures computer demonstration The cooling water system The process gas system System components, P & I diagrams Compressor control The p-V diagram Work and power requirements Variable suction pressure versus power requirement Suction line throttling Rod loads Clearance volume control Suction valve lifting The Thomassen analogue controlled clearance pocket Speed control Start-stop control Instrumentation and panels

Fourth day Compressor operation Safety precautions Initial start-up During operation Stopping procedure Compressor behaviour at changing process conditions Operating limits Condition Monitoring The Thomassen TCSM-3.

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0 system Lube oil Piston rod run out Impact measurements (loose parts and liquid formation) Valve temperature measurements Bearing temperature measurements Stuffing box leakages Trending p-V diagrams TRAINING COURSE THOMASSEN RECIPROCATING COMPRESSORS (5 day program) Condition Monitoring (continued) Valve behaviour Expansion and compression Rod loads Crosshead pin loads

Fifth day Compressor maintenance General Safety precautions Maintenance tools Maintenance schedule Compressor valve maintenance: disassembling service guide assembling Piston rod disassembly Cross head pin bushing Bearing maintenance bearing failures: dirt wrong maintenance practises overheating electrical discharge other failures Cross head and connecting rod maintenance Stuffing box maintenance Piston disassembly and assembly Measuring the crank shaft Shaft alignment procedure with crankshaft deflections Clearances new compressors Reject clearances Trouble shooting guide

Evaluation of the compressor course CONTENTS SUBJECT CHAPTER Front sheet Attention Program Introduction Theory Data Sheets Parts Systems Capacity control systems Operation Condition Monitoring Maintenance 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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