The migration process has been instantiated and the progress is succeeded, the next stage is to critically analyze the outcome and develop a tracking algorithm which con-tinuously monitors the results.

3.1) Discovering more innovations using the cloud:

The above stages have given very useful insights into what are the capabilities of the AWS cloud. John Deere has many problems which require cloud services to resolve along with the innovative technologies. The outcome of the executed plan cleared a path for many more innovations and usage of the cloud.

Some of them are as follow:

1) Precision agriculture:

The main challenge of decreasing the use of herbicides, spraying the fertilizers as per the requirement. Precision agriculture, eventually, will help the farmer to save a lot of money on fertilizer. The health of the crop can be studied with the variations in the soil. This methodology will be seeking a huge demand in the future.

2) IOT and artificial intelligence-based innovation

Internet of things provides a piece of real-time information which will be benefitted to the farmers in detecting the problem beforehand and upgrading the ability of the ma-chines with artificial intelligence will be an added advantage.

IOT use in agriculture will change the whole farming methodology and efficiency overall. The use of artificial intel-ligence will help in enhancing the life of the machines as well. For example, the con-sumption of fuel, parts that are on the verge of getting fail and upgradation will be done automatically by using artificial intelligence.

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3.2) Challenges in sustainability using the cloud:

1) Expensive for small farmers: AWS cloud service is all about “pay as you go” bill-ing system, it still cost huge money in maintaining the data in the AWS cloud. This is affected by the agriculture system due to diversity and the profession. The machinery required for agriculture are costly and upon that to use cloud services will cause heavy pockets especially for a farmer for small lands. Large farm field where there is the necessity of intervention of precision is required AWS Cloud is beneficial and useful.

2) Remote location internet speed: The geolocation of farms is far away from urban cities which is a disadvantage when it comes to cloud utilization because trans-ferring data needs internet speed and to get a good speed into the remote loca-tion is still a challenge in many parts of the countries.

3) Security aspect: Another challenge which is observed is multiple parties are in-volved in the process. John Deere is an agriculture company and not a software company solely, it groups up with other companies for innovations and technol-ogies. In the entire process, farmer’s data is exposed at multiple levels which can be a threat to security exploitation.

3.3) Ways to sustain using the cloud:

John Deere is on the verge of creating new applications, adapting innovations it will go on increasing the necessity of huge storage capacity and the need to scale up will be the constant need. Having a strong TCO calculation is important so that the overall revenue does not overhead the cloud costs. Because an increase in the cloud costs will affect the farmers indirectly.

TCO (Total cost of ownership) is the calculation which involves an estimation of the in-direct and direct cost of acquiring or running of a Company. TCO helps in accurate budgeting and to understand your profitable areas related to your operation. Expertise also suggests that calculating TCO does help to give you some hidden aspects of opera-tions that tend to be forgotten or missed. Direct factors can be insurance cost, ware-house cost, manufacturing cost, etc. In fact, can be termed as an instance of business case Cost-Benefit analysis with an emphasis on costs factor.


We have completed 3 stages of cloud migration which enabled John Deere to develop a path for AWS cloud. Its benefits, challenges, overcoming steps is been covered by now. The journey to cloud is not a single or 3 stages steps it is a continuous assessment of validating the actions and keep on tracking the outcomes because no solution is constant.

AWS has given many points to help John Deere for its innovation. Increasing the reliability and operational excellence is what the company is aiming for. With the analysis done so far, the company has already planning to create an innovation using IOT and Artificial intelligence there are still many innovations which can be adapted to lead a transformation in the business. Some of the suggestions are as follow:

Robotic planter: Human errors cannot be minimized to zero, but the work done by machines/ robots are more precise because the control is done through programs. Since the demand for more food production is increasing rapidly the accuracy must be increased as well. With robots, the farming activities along with the high technical machines and programming the whole farming process can be made more efficient.

Wireless Vehicle using AI: Controlling the steering and speed, movement, identifying the hurdles can be made possible using AI. The workload performed by farmers using the vehicle can be programmed which will free up the requirement of a person seating inside the vehicle. This is a very broader vision and cannot be developed easily but it is feasible.


Agriculture system is also advancing. The future of framing is not just about planting seeds, growing crops. It has opened doors for so many modern technologies to help overcome the problems faced by farmers, Cloud which is paving a supportive platform for making the technologies to be implemented in the real world is being seen from the 4 stages of AWS cloud adoption framework.

John Deere is aiming to help the world with improved framing machines, technologies, and applications. John Deere can be Recognized as the Future of Farming. The important aspects were to learn how critical it is to analyses each stage when adopting the journey to the cloud. Also, this report has tried to focus and explain the business impact, learning about problems and how to overcome and how to sustain the business values.

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