"The Great Gatsby"

The following example essay on “The Great Gatsby” is an analysis of the feature film directed by Baz Luhrmann, an adaptation of the novel of the same name by F. Scott Fitzgerald, which confirms that reality can be deceiving.

They say the eyes are the windows of the soul, but our eyes can also lie even seeing with the facts. What we see and hear are just mere opinions, not reality. Not all things in the first impression are real but are just facts relating to our life.

The only truth in this world are lies. Lies that makes up what we want just to protect what we used to have. But everything has its own ending and then bursting out resentments. Going back in history, in the city of New York which was the story took place, once a part of the first and greatest World War in the history which been told of an alienation with Germany.

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, the American fiction writer and the author of the remarkable novel The Great Gatsby published in 1925.

Surprisingly, an Australian writer, director and producer with his spanning films, Baz Luhrmann yearn to adapt from the original work of F. Scott Fitzgerald due to his passionate desire in the context of the story. This was said that the new version of the movie was released in 2013, Baz Luhrmanns movie version. The major purpose of the movie is to profound the ultimate desire of an American dream. It is where to assess material wealth, considering wealth of love and money.

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This also entails the overbearing violence and badness of wealth resulting to an excruciating end. Thus, this thorough analysis enclosed with mixed evaluation that supports detailed assessment of the movie.The movie The Great Gatsby revolves around the story of the thwarted love between man and woman, told by Nick Carraway, a young man from Minnesota and a cousin of Daisy.

The setting of the story took place in the Long Island of New York, at the West Egg district where Nick and Gatsby live, the island across to Daisys house in the East Egg. The enigmatic neighbor of Nick, Jay Gatsby, was once Daisy Buchanans lover back in 1917 in Louisville. While Daisy was disgusted that Gatsby, didnt come back for he was sent to finish the war, she then married Tom Buchanan whom was appointed by Daisys parents to marry on. Gatsby came back knowing Daisy was already vowed to another man.

Nick started to commence a relationship with Jordan Baker, a long-time friend of Daisy. Jay Gatsby, whose real name is James Gatz, known for his flamboyant parties every Saturday night at his gigantic mansion. Jordan Baker was the one who told Nick that Tom Buchanan has a lover, Myrtle Wilson, who lives in the valley of ashes, a wife of George Wilson the mechanic. One day, Gatsby asks Nick for favor to arrange a private gathering with Daisy where they started an affair. Tom became suspicious for the two and burst out confrontations of truth behind Gatsbys real life as a criminal and a bootlegger which Daisy uses her frailty as an excuse of her immaturity actions and declined Gatsbys confessions. Gatsby was blamed for Myrtle died because of a car struck where in fact Daisy drove the car.

George accused Gatsby as her wifes lover and shoot him to death. Nick was distasteful and moves to Midwest to break out his disgust. Gatsbys long-time goal has come to an end. Thereon, introducing the approach behind this evaluation, make this part as a quick recall and explication towards the approach chosen. Marxism refers to emphasizing economic and social conditions. It examines how dominant groups (superior or majority) imposing subordinates (the minorities) or in such way people are ruled over power, money and politics. This kind of approach portrays how do people are obsessed with power and wealth apart from the reasons behind every action. This approach is taken as a criticism in the scene of depicting ones value to a substantial dream of wealth.

This reveals the enigmatic point wherein the speculation of power through social status like gaining possession of love should be alike to what social class came from. It is just like relegating people that someone should not possess for it cant be retained. Aside from that, psychoanalytic criticism also impels how to look into the past experiences or introspection process and understand the rationale of human behavior. This also impels how to look into characters and examine possible reasons behind the authors psychological state. This is taken as a criticism upon the exquisite introduction of the story wherein it is told by an omniscient narrator, Nick Carraway. He is called omniscient narrator because he is one of the characters in the movie/story and knows more about the whole event or happenings nor the protagonist.

This is what it makes as a psychoanalytic criticism because the whole story circulates across the past experiences of Nick as he told the story to a doctor, a psychologist, which he was indeterminate under examination of his disgustful past. Thereafter, it features how well a certain fiction story imitates life and it is how the story commence. To start with the discussion, the authors main purpose creating the story is to critique Gatsbys goal and substantially aiming material wealth, though as an ultimate American dream. According to Bengani, this story is an imitation of the life of the author as for fascination which reflects the decadence, corruption, and the privilege of power that engulfed before the Great depression of Great War in America year 1920s.

It was also said that this explores universal themes; human follies, societal constructs and social status, and depicting ones life struggle through time and fate. Though, this only describes The Roaring Twenties, time of moral existence and material degeneration, financial and social breakdown that were inculcated until the Great Depression. Though, this is a fiction but presumes that it is objectively presented where it imitates life of the author nor just a mere reflection. Since this novel was set in 1920s the war is unavoidable or either a postwar society where it emphasizes decay as the society falling apart because of social status and construction, corruption, violence and chaos of the American people. Though, the novel was quite old but classic, it didnt diminish the quality and value of the concept a legend.

The main character, Jay Gatsby, symbolizes the American dream who pulled out himself from poverty destined to meet his fate to a tragic end. The cinematic realism acts upon at the resolution part of the plot. Money, a blaring theme of the movie, consequently divides between the old money (Tom and Daisy) and the new one (Gatsby). One thing that makes it more exquisite are the aesthetic transitions that made it more real. It encompasses a large impact in the society as to present, thanks to Baz Luhrmann who gave new life to it. The scene part of where Myrtle was struck by a car, the car symbolizes the violence that depicts unfavorable wealth and where in fact, at the climax of the movie someone dies in a car accident.

The movie was set good in this scene. But there are scenes that can obviously seen that has been shot in a studio wherein the background of the scene is quite unpleasant to watch. It is clearly noticeable from the perspective of just how the setting was integrated both in a larger background or just by using particular props. The characters are just like floating in the screen and notice the cut part from the characters’ view to the exterior part to fill in the shape of the background. After all, the cinematography is quite good and the plot was conveyed clearly assembled. The title was carefully chosen considering the deep meaning of the plot.

It is where Nick Carraway, the omniscient narrator, whom particularly wrote the story through imagination of experiences as it was told by his Psychologist in order for him to lessen his disgust, as what he had told in the very first part of the movie. He critically used metaphors as an opening credit and it is what it sounds good. Considering him as the writer of Gatsbys story, he indicated beyond such meaning as it is not Gatsby but his perseverance of pursuing and fighting for his dreams what makes him great and that is why Nick named it The Great Gatsby. Although there are some overlapping dialogues, in contrast, the sound effects are really classical specially in the introduction, denouement, and the end part of the movie.

The message of the movie was conveyed clearly. Some scenes are quite obvious that has been shoot in the studio where the backgrounds are bit off and substandard the characters are just like floating on screen. Some scenes are also quite vulgar, punky, and unarranged specially in the party scenes. In connection, scenes with high and irritating crowd voice are unpleasant in the ears. To be exact, it left watchers hanging or in other terms, it starts with a calm, fine and smooth then condenses thrill but drastically ended. In conclusion, this critique is eventually created with the help of the approaches as a guide in assessing the movie.

Though, the critic emphasizes two main points of two main approaches it doesnt mean that a single movie or story cant stand with a single approach. Emphasizing approach out from the movie or story is not literally based on what the story about but it is an approach of searching on how it is used in the plot and having compare and contrast on how it imitates life in reality or in which part does it actually fit in.

The themes and metaphors are implicit and specially the title was prudently made. The values and motivations are truly expressive and morals are there. Over all, the movie was intense, mysterious and gorgeous. Therefore, always try to see the best in people he would say Nick C. No doubt the author was truly exceptional.

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