Rauhnacht: divide Ingers new case of Volker Klüpfel / Michael Kobr Review

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The friendly couples Kluftinger and Langhammer are invited to a free weekend in a luxurious hotel in the Allgäu. Here’s an amusing thriller evening will take place with the hotel guests. The attractive hotel owner Julia King (the deep neckline draws the attention of men to themselves) welcomes guests most cordially. At the reception Langhammer carries with his title “Dr. . med “into the registration form. The Kluftinger would not inferior and puts his name forward to well-deserved title “MAIN COMM.

KRIMPOL”. He is, after all, proud of its achievements. Then refer gap Ingers and Langhammer their rooms. The excerpt brings little action, but focuses on the main character, Commissioner Kluftinger. He characterizes the mysteries of Klüpfel / Kobr. Many readers love him with all its quirks, and the actual criminal case becomes a decorative accessory. Kluftinger is a musty, mostly ill-tempered, nagging, miserly, suspicious Commissioner. His wife Erika seems to endure all stoically. So divide Ingers cases are supported by a staff in the room.

Inevitably raises the question to him after the tip. Kluftinger fights an inner battle with himself, because what is worth it just three minute time performance? And for fifty cents was obtained earlier one mark … Erika would like an orange juice from the minibar, an object of “gluttony and wastefulness” as Kluftinger says. To prevent this desire, he leaves the bottle in Erika’s handbag disappear -. “Then the Minibardiskussion saying do would” After a thorough inspection of the room and bathroom (the description is hard to beat on nitpicking, you can see with gap Ingers he eye every detail) puts everything one that does not rivet and is nailed down: all the little bottles are swiftly disappeared into the toilet bag.

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A manic collector’s instinct! That one no one can be trusted, Kluftinger prompted to take his money close to the body constantly in a greasy neck pouch with him. The objection Erika’s that you can not “in Chicago or Palermo” was not really convinced him. This excerpt is so wonderful, you want to be constantly near gulf Ingers to also nothing from its traditional behavior or his grumpy remarks to miss. I am convinced that the writing team has succeeded with her book a good throw with a high entertainment value for amusing leisure hours.

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