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Essay Examples on Rasputin Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Hemophilia

1st Essay Sample on Rasputin

“Few historians figures have been as shrouded in myth and speculation as Grigory Rasputin.At the height of his fame, he was though to be no less than a demonic figure, possessed of supernatural powers, dissolute agent of the forces of evil with an ironclad, perhaps sexual, hold on the throne of Imperial Russia.”( Grigory Efimovich Rasputin is without a question one of the most scandalous figures in Russian history.He is known for his strange powers and mysterious influence over others, which has brought him in the highest circles of St.Petersurg society.He captured attention of the clergymen of Russian Empire.The monk performed his miracles within the palace on Tsarovich Alexis Nicholaievich, the inheritor of the throne, who was born with Hemophilia.Rasputin was able to stop the bleeding and save Alexis’s life several times, since the top medical professors couldn’t.Rasputin was an illiterate Syberian peasant who entered the highest circles of the Romanov dynasty, a monk whose fame as a health healer and visionary was hidden by scandalous orgies and his very name became known for corruption and dishonesty.His scandalous healings and predictions gained trust from females who gave him sex to save their soul and Tsarina Alexandra, whose child he saved but gained her heart and trust.While he healed the people who trusted him, his enemies were planning his death. Grigory Rasputin was born in western Siberia, in the Tyumen district, about 200 miles east of the Ural Mountains in the late 1800’s.”Peasants were causal in keeping track of such events, so we do not know the exact date he was born.Estimate of the year as early as 1860 and late as 1873.” (Rasputin, 3)As a young boy, he had a strange love toward animals, he was able to hypnotize people to do anything he wanted them to, and also he saw different visions. As a young man, Rasputin was a complete rake.

2nd Essay Sample on Rasputin

Folkloresare tales shroudedin mystery and mysticism, often depicting a time and an era long since dead, but there is a story of a man, not to long ago which entertains all the traits of a tall tale.Nobody in recent Russianhistorycommands as much villainy, sainthood and mystery as the charismaticand often elusive Grigory Efimovich Rasputin. This “saint who sinned”# played a constructive role in the disruption of the Romanov family, the political upheaval of Russia and the eventual fall of the Tsar and his family.There were some that believed him a messenger of god, but in truth Rasputin was a just man, a man who had the incredible ability to deliver people from the confinements of their minds to the righteousness of faith.As past tales have shown, the religious or revolutionary awakening of an individual or a nation results in an irrevocable disruption of the current foundation.Whether Rasputin was the political mastermind or just a humble monk who believed in the pleasures and gratuity of occultism, he changed Russia in a way that will never be repeated or repented. Tsar Nicholas II son Alexei the only male produced by the royal couple, was the foundation of Rasputin’s bond with the Tsars.On the second meeting with the tsars, Rasputin requested to meet their son. # He asked for their consent to relieve the child’s suffering with a prayer.# Alexei had not been able to fall asleep, beleaguered by his last attack ofHemophilia.# The eccentric peasant approached the crib and began to pray.#Before the tsars themselves, the boy began to grow tranquil and peacefully fell asleep.He awoke healthy the next morning, and it was called “a miracle” by the tsarina.#Rasputin had now become indispensable. #But Rasputin’s behavior grew more out of control by the minute.

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