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Pianist, and film scorer, is seen by many to be an extremely influential man. Randall Newman, known as Randy, tends to be undermined for the talent he withholds along with the incredible pieces he has composed. He continues to impact the music and film industry today at the age of seventy five. An impeccable man who never ceases to shine. Randy Newman, born in 1943 on November twenty eighth, came into this world with a distinct purpose. He was born in Los Angeles, California but was uprooted from California a week following his birth and taken to New Orleans, his mother’s origin.

  The family returned to California when Newman was about ten years old. He developed the skill of piano playing at the age of seven and by seventeen, he was composing songs professionally. The Songwriters Hall of Fame, which Newman was inducted into in 2002, states by seventeen he was, “a staff writer working for publishing companies such as Metric Music and January Music.

He had early success with ‘Just One Mile,’ ‘I Don’t Want to Hear it Anymore,’ ‘I Think It’s Going to Rain Today’ and ‘Simon Smith And His Dancing Bear’” (“Randy Newman”). The opportunity he had at a young age to write professionally, opened enormous doors for him as he aged. He briefly attended the University of California but soon dropped out and continued on with his music career. Since birth, Newman was destined for greatness which was acknowledged in the skills he possessed from a young age.

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Randy Newman has many notable pieces, awards, and attributes. A few of his most famous pieces include scores from the Pixar films Toy Story & Monsters Inc. The first Toy Story film, which was released in 1995, was among Newman’s most notable works. He was nominated for two Oscars and one Golden Globe due to his work in this Pixar film. Upon completion of the first Toy Story film the writers decided to continue with the plot.

There are now three films in the collection and, rumor has it, there will be a fourth, all of which are accompanied by the works of Newman. Monster’s Inc. is a second of Pixar’s animated films that Newman contributed to. Thanks to a copious amount of work on Newman’s part, he attained an Oscar while being nominated for a second Oscar. Other awards from this film include; Annie award nominations, two ASCAP awards, a GoldSpirit award, a Grammy nomination along with a Grammy award. These two films are few in comparison to the list of eight Pixar films he has scored in total however, Pixar films are not the only films he has scored yet they are considered his most notable works. According to his personal website, Newman’s collection of awards consists of “Grammys, three Emmys, and two Academy Awards, as well as a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame” (“Biography”). Randy Newman is an extremely notable film scorer with many accolades to his name.

Randy Newman is not only an amazing composer, but an intriguing man as well. There are numerous details on Newman that not many people know. One of these facts includes him growing up in a Jewish home. However, the way his Jewish home was run, the religious beliefs were not clear to Newman. IMDB, a site with an abundance information on people and films, shares the story of Newman, “as a teenager, [being] invited by a girl to a country club cotillion, but was subsequently asked not to come by the girl’s father, who told him that no Jews were allowed. After hanging up the phone, Newman had to go and ask his father what a Jew was” (“Randy Newman: Biography”). Many today, because of this experience he had as a teen, believe he associates himself as an atheist.

Newman has also been quoted saying, “Stay away from drugs. They’re not worth it. I’ve tried, but there’s none of them that’s worth it.” This statement expresses a quite comical side of Newman that sometimes becomes clouded by political topics. He is extremely interested in politics and has even composed pieces depicting his opinion. Randy Newman never ceases to amaze people, both with his music and his personality. Randy Newman is a universally appreciated man for both his talents in music and his personality quirks. Newman, to this day, continues composing outstanding pieces and receiving global recognition for his hard work. He dedicates extensive amounts of his time to his music and it is not only acknowledged, but appreciated.

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