Raising a Child Is Hard

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The following sample essay on raising a child is hard. At the end of something sensible from the child but become. If you read what had for a father of the boy and what he had to live with it for questionable adventure, it is feared the apple will not hit far from the tree. But Arno Frank must have inherited at least some of the finest talents of his father: eloquence, storytelling, daring. He may as a freelance journalist who writes for Spiegel Online and Time to earn a living.

Now he has presented his autobiographical first novel, and this is one of the amüsantesten crooks stories I have ever read.

From cheerful, harmless beginning to the bitter end is dominated by the strong-willed father the development of the family. That he accepts the reality only selectively seriously and interprets facts headstrong, brings the audacious charmer, ambitious Blender and imaginative dreamer on a slippery slope. Despite initial and intermediate highs his descent accelerated, but the round gaping chasms not frighten him and can not cause you to look for other ways it.

he does not find resistance apparently; In any case he tears with his wife and children without them fight back. Finally, the man is to know nothing learned as a multiple of failed entrepreneurs, an impostor, an internationally wanted criminal.

In the sixties, Jutta front of their office in the US armed forces in Kaiserslautern their Jurgen. Since making a whose dreams always adhered “to the surface of possibilities”, a deep water on “, fed by the self-confidence of the father and mother’s perspicacity.

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A creature in its own right […]. He was his own authority . “<

Jürgen Frank has just completed his administration teaching and wants introduced to his first office. He pulls up in the picturesque Alfa Romeo Giulia Super, the four-wheeled fascination, a gift parked his father boldly on the reserved space for officers and lights once enjoyable one Gitane on. The pickup of the daredevil – Type Alain Delon or Hardy Kruger – succumbs Jutta immediately. Soon ring the wedding bells, and Jutta is pregnant.

In 1971, son Arno born. The small family concerns a small house in a suburb of Kaiserslautern, and Jutta floats, day in, day pop catchy tunes humming, “in the airy chainmail of well-being” in a “halo of joy”. Jürgen however, taking a new direction. he announces his safe but dull job in the US portfolio. Now he seeks the “royal road to happiness,” and happiness for him is nothing but a “derivation of money.” “He would be rich,” he says, and not thinking of solid work, but relies on his genius, his charm and opportunity.

This is the economic miracle. Anything that brings the roll towards affluent society collects (possible to pay without) Jürgen and stacks the basement so full. An exercise bike, broken up into individual parts, is to be the top seller. “An ass full of money,” he would deserve, because “it is every day a fool to” the man “can sell something stupid”.

This is one of wisdom that the father of the now six-year-olds on mitgibt the life. “You do you choose what you want to be. Attacker or defender … No one gives you something. You’re going to eat or eaten.” But Arno does not understand quite what the father wants to give him. “Well, now you come Take what you want!” – while the boy thinks of all the things that his father promised him for a long time, but never delivered: a tree house, a turntable, a charming Jeannie as from the television “.

More and more changes pave in. sister Jeany has just arrived. decomposed with the business idea, a whole fleet Wehrmacht jeeps to vertickern (target group is” aged generals “), to father verhebt. the banks send men in black suits with briefcases and more often speak the parents of a “cottage.” – gets Arno finally be treehouse No, the “cottage” is a residential board even further away from Kaiserslautern outrageous banks have the family all the money?. taken away and the house.

Moving is one more often. Jürgen Frank still believes one day “be” just get rich, “will” not on stony paths to. Zwie lichtige business partners come and go, this is called “Forex”, “collateral”, “transfers”, “commissions”, “big business”. Letters from the district court remain unopened, and if the police anrückt ( “the predators personally”), all of which are completely silent until it is withdrawn again.

But facts can not displace it. To escape the captors, the father decides to flee abroad. “This will be an adventure,” he promises Arno – and for once, his promise fulfilled. Under cover of darkness climb parents, Arno, Jeany, newcomer Fabian and two dogs their Benz and roar like “happy shipwrecked” in the “lifeboat” to the south.

Part of the ensuing tour de force would be the young downright envy. On the most beautiful spot of the Riviera referring a villa with pool. Sohnemann visited an international private school, where the children of “people with money” are among them. Unlike the all-round well-informed fellow students he knows from his father only vague ( “leaves the money work for us”) and little Knowledgeable ( “Computers are just expensive toys … Will not prevail, says my dad.”) To report , Not only some classmate ( “Perhaps … your father both Bandit and Idiot”) to doubt, and the growing Arno begins the seriousness of Monsieur Frank. Still go dad the good ideas not he gets the Bluest down from the sky, so Arno can enjoy on its black and red Piaggio the sun.

In the end, one feels rather than insgeheimem envy rather compassion and concern to the boy. When the police Jürgen Frank arrests, they redeemed his son in a sense of the unreal world in which the father deceived him and held captive. It hovered for years in a colorful soap bubble, not unlike his father, until they burst up in the air. And mother Jutta? Equal in the prologue shows a macabre episode, they put no corrective, but co-creator of madness was in the life of the narrator. When the four-year-old wants her proudly showing a self-painted picture, she lies motionless with eyes closed in the hallway. The child in despair, the mother’s nose and mouth keeps, puts his hand on her face, but she does not move. As he strikes them, howling, makes it in the pants, and now giggles Mom, it takes into the open arms. “I felt as if I had just passed a test … a doctrine whose meaning I could not understand at the time.”

Have the children taken this strange family harm? Between the lines are more likely harmless symptoms: Sister Jeany like fun with nasty, decaying materials, Fabian will never take off water wings who created the pool his parents more, even when the air is already out. And Arno not told his story with pain or anger, but with entertaining lightness and irony. he has his debut a quote from Heimito preceded by Doderer.. “Everyone gets his childhood placed over the head like a bucket was only later, shows what was in it but a lifetime runs the down at us as like a clothes Change or costumes also how he wants. ” His biography shows that the bucket contents do not necessarily penetrates under the skin. There obviously are other rules.

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