Radisson OYO Holiday Inn Marketing MixPRICE MIX The below

Radisson, OYO, Holiday Inn (Marketing Mix)

PRICE MIX: The below schedule shows that the OYO is trying to penetrate in the market by keeping is price very low than its competitors. Whereas Radisson and Holiday IN that provides classified services for upper middle class clients are keeping their price enough close together, this is also known as competitive pricing technique.


2 Bedded 5,500 350 5,000

Suite 9,000 5,000 10,000



Accommodation Type Rooms, Suites Apartments, Resort, OYO Home, Hotels, Villas Rooms in the resort

CATEGORIES Superior Room, Business Class Room, Premium Room, Executive Suite Oyo Room, Premium, Townhouse, Flagship, Home, Captial O, Collection O, Silver Key, Palette, Spot On Deluxe King and Queen Rooms

Deluxe King Suites

Beautiful King Whirlpool Suites

Two Queen Suite




(across globe) 380 500 _

ROOMS 68,270 4,50,000 2,14,000

FRANCHIES – 13,000 –

HOTELS 1,100 – 1,145



Influencers, Paid Media, SEO, Sales Promotion(discounts), 3rd party platforms for booking and reviews, Earned media, B2B business(personal selling) SEO, Sales Promotion (coupons, offers), Social media advertisements, B2B Business (personal selling).

Earned media, Paid media, 3rd party apps, Advertisements


Positioning is the act of coming up with a company’s giving and image to occupy a particular place within the minds of the target market.

The goal is locating the complete within the minds of shoppers to maximize the potential profit to the firm.

One results of positioning are that the booming creation of customer-focused price proposition, a cogent reason why the target market buys a product or service.

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{A price worth a price} proposition captures the manner a product or service’s key advantages offer value to customers by satisfying their wants.


Radisson Blu brand leads the European hotel industry in size and scale, with properties located in capital cities, airport gateways and major leisure destinations. Committed to building the organization with a powerful value proposition that focuses on branding, revenue, cost, flexibility and simplifying the way they transact.” The brand’s new tagline, “Simply Delightful,” complements the design aesthetic and brings together two key aspects of the new brand proposition — tasteful simplicity with touches that create memorable experiences.

New Value proposition

Relaunch brands behind Radisson Hotel Group (RHG) to leverage brand equity, drive awareness and increase marketing efficiency. Define a brand architecture that brings clarity to the value proposition and that allows us to harness the full ADR potential of every hotel. Refresh the product; defining new standards in each hotel in line with new brand definitions and capital expenditure to secure its implementation (ˆ10m-ˆ12m). Increase marketing investment in customer facing activities, improve the quality of actions and extend the communication scope of the new value proposition, allowing us to raise prices. Define a sound digital strategy to increase direct on-line sales (+5p.p. contribution). Re-define the pricing strategy (prices-value) and yield management. New value proposition will allow to grow revenues ahead of inflation, taking full effect as of 2020/22


Once customer’s check-in into an OYO Room, they can access to free wifi, TV, complimentary breakfast, hygienic washrooms and 24-hour customer support. They use technology to make the booking and on-stay experience seamless. Customers can book a room in less than five seconds through Oyo app. Once customers have checked-in, they can use the same app to order room service, look for nearby restaurants and even book a cab.

Unique selling proposition

Finding hotels in India is not a big problem, the major problem is the trust factor and predictability of services. Oyo founder, Ritesh Agarwal, capitalized on this basic need by providing standardized hotel rooms across the country.

OYO rooms has also started two new sub-divisions to increase its hold on the market

Oyo premium rooms will cater those business travelers or families who are looking for premium services and are ready to give out few extra rupees for higher comfort. Our rooms start at just Rs.999 a night and have all the standard amenities that any guest needs, including TV, air-conditioning, hot and cold water in the bathroom, complimentary breakfast and Wi-Fi.


Holiday Inn offers cost-conscious travellers a no-hassle, essential choice once booking short term edifice stays. The chain additionally makes absolute to offer 24-hour business facilities so as to satisfy business travellers. The official chain slogan is “everything you would like, nothing you don’t”. When put next to different hotels at similar price-points, vacation lodge specific locations area unit usually viewed as a lot of upmarket.

In short, the chain guarantees to provide travellers the most effective price for his or her cash. This was spelled enter the well-known “Stay-Smart” drive that debuted within the late Nineteen Nineties.

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