Reflective Essay On Racism

The following sample essay on Reflective Essay On Racism tells about racism in the 19th century.

As usual, I use the same steps for my final project which I have been using it for all of my assignments because it is what I have found to work for me. I do an outline first then fill it in with some ideas and then do research support to what I want the paper to be about. The first step for my outline would be the thesis statement which is: Racism always has and is still one of the most widespread social problems affecting the American population and other European nations.

It is important to evaluate how racism has changed since the 19th century to present-day forms. Then, Ill start with some subtopics which my first one would be how racism was openly accepted in the 19th century. Then Ill make some argument points by explaining how the whites had superiority over the people of color.

How whites were using people of colors as slaves and how they were trading slaves in the legal business. The second subtopic which I want to address will be the explanation of how modern-day racism is hidden but still prevalent in society.

Then, Ill be pointing out how rules were put in place to end slavery and stop racial discrimination, but no efforts have been made to put them into effect, and there are laws designed at giving people of color fair treatment, but these laws are ways of qualifying the end of racial discrimination.

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After this, I will explain how the American criminal justice system behaves towards the whites more essentially than the individuals of color. As the final subtopic, I will talk about how the Individual of color had no privileges in the 19th century, whereas, white merchants were trading people of colors as properties and people of colors had no liberty of movement.

In the other hand, I will provide some information and ideas of how the police have continued to subject the people of colors to ruthless dealing without facing the extreme anger of the law.

Im also thinking about some other points which I feel like my mind is leading to. In

the last part Ill go with the conclusion by restating of the thesis statement and summarize of the main points and the subtopics. Also, I’ll take about the take-away statement made based on presented facts or information in the contents. Im writing this paper in a form of a letter to official which I hope it will turn out as I am planning to be and clarifying all the points in order for them to be able to reach to their targets, to reach and persuade its members. I will be telling and proving many information and a few stories for my targeted audience who are people in a position where they need to deal with or serve different peoples of colors and backgrounds. I’m writing for new generations by providing them the history of America and how the people of colors were treated. I’m writing for those individuals who work in a position where they can have effective impacts in each community and nations such as teachers, lawyers, active people and people in educational fields. I also want to point out the age of the targeted audience which would be individuals at the age of eighteen and older. I will be using different types of sources from different college communities, different nation, public organizations, personal experiences, and true-life story in order to help gain a sense of the quality of being logically valid in paper to assure the audience what I’m writing about and informing them is not just being made up by me.

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