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racism Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Racism

The issue I’m trying to bring to your attention today is racism which has become such a big topic within the last year. Racism always has and is still one of the most widespread social problems affecting the American population. It is a social vice that has influential roots in society, and its elimination has almost proven impossible. Many people believe that the community has worked towards ending this vice, but there is still evidence of racial discrimination in interactions between whites and people of color (Brown). Racism is supposed and experienced in different ways, by different people in different circumstances, and so there can never be an objective valuation of racism suitable for all people. As the result of having this issue alive within our communities caused the killings of innocent peoples by the law enforcement or just by people calling others racial insults when they had no reason to, they just did it out of pure hate of the other race. I think they didn’t have a reason to say racial slurs I don’t think there is a reason at all to call any race any slurs and I feel like these stereotypes that people are putting on others were imperfectly educated through parents, media, or the school system. In the media, we see a public act of violence by an unruly mob going on for example when something happens by someone the media portrays the rioters to all the people who share the same race and ethnicity as the person who did it. Because they do not show the one guy in the riots. In this case, they try and make these people of a particular race look bad when really it was a mixed variety of races which this gives a chance to anybody to just make a stereotype. Because “As online media becomes more important in everyday experience, researchers are examining how it affects culture and learning in a variety of ways” (Nakagawa). In the past, people of color had no rights as they were considered as property to their merchants but in nowadays people of color have rights that warrant them equal treatment as the whites, laws are one of the major ways to justify the end of racial discrimination. today with such laws in place people of color would expect fair treatment but there is still a sign of ethnic discrimination in connections among whites and people of color. The purpose of this letter is to bring real attention and to care about this issue. You may be wondering why you should even care about this issue. We should care because racism can be as a public health problem which fuels general health discriminations among population groups in our communities. We should prevent and tackle those people who cannot accept other individuals in their communities just because they do not share the same race, ethnic, sex, religion, and background by having some rules which can warn them of facing a violation. If I talk about my experience here, I would say that I have not experienced racism. But I have had conversations with many people that were making racist remarks and had no idea they were doing so. We need to make efforts to explore the cultural differences of those who are different from us by opening organizations, events, and activities. Because “I have always been active in anti-racism and I found that I am more sensitive to this and more respective to people’s feelings” (Benjamin).There is another effective solution I see to racism is that we need to educate everyone properly about the races and need to stop these bad stereotypes because the most significant way today and in the past are our public school education which has been a gateway to make each community more diverse because we might understand how people have used public education to gain the skills on understanding to become a strong American who would not assent with this issue wherever it pops up. I guess the only thing I have to close this out is to express my feelings about this whole problem and I was raised to be respectful to everyone even if they bully me and I lived in Fairfax city where a lot of bullies go to school but I taught myself to not hate any other race and I came to grow up as a respectful 20 years old. As it was mentioned by David Newman “Nothing is gained, and no one is impressed by hurtful words thrown at another because of differences”. I’m saying that not with a big ego but with the pride of all the compliments I get for being so respectful to my peers and others.

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