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QUESTION 1Nowadays good health plays a prestigious role in Paper

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Nowadays, good health plays a prestigious role in modern society with a strong relationship between preserving a physically healthy way of life and optimum performance. However, this is not only an element of positive health that is mandatory for the proper functioning of a human’s body. According to WHO [world health organization] announce that health is more than the absence of diseases or disability as it also embraces mental and social wellbeing (mental health and the mental aspects of health.,2 April,2016). before enrolling in this course, I was reflecting the same perspective held by a community that mental health problems are not so concerning issue in the health spectrum of world. From my own point of view, mental health remedies are defined as a person which is mentally disabled and their brain is not working properly that mentally ill patient is dangerous for the society (mental health self-reflection.,20 September,2016).There are numerous factors such as discrimination, negative attitudes, prejustice etcetera which incline the number of mental health cases in our world.as like other students, I also not interested in mental health issues. But because of some experiences related with psychological patients I got concerned. As I listen lot of news related with social issue like sexual abuse, violent acts etcetera. A recent survey shows that most of the young girls of backward areas who having the age of 14 -18 who got physically and sexually assault by their own family members and government will not take any step for their justice and other cases in which most of the young children commit suicide ((mental health self-reflection.,20 september,2016).these are groups who face most of mental health disorders. After engaging in human service course, my mind regarding the concept of mental health get changed. Now I felt that I had become more emotional and had empathy towards mental health patients. Also, I learned various kinds of methods for dealing with disturbed peoples. According to me, 80% of mental illness cases get solved when doctor understand the situation of illed person rather than give the punishment for their rude act. this course also tells me many social determinants which describe how to communicate with patients as it helps to promote and protect good mental health.


Social media is a great invention of the technology which change the world in a drastic way. As social media makes everyone life very simple. Also, it gives lot of benefits to people such as increases communication skills, create awareness about social issues which take place in our world and so on. On my mind, social media create positive impact regarding mental health and their diagnosis. From past I only think that methods of solving mental disorders are not available for the people but after seeming different social sites I got awared. I read from sites that there are lot of peoples who get cured from serious mental illness for example a lady name Lynne who get indulge in serious problem name bipolar disorder which refers to the mentally illness which cause the flucatiton of the mood and behaviour of a person. She gets this problem because his house gets burned and she was getting so much stress.as a consequently, she got injured herself with knife. Then his family call Royal Flying Doctor Services (RFDS) mental health team which provide proper medication to her.further,in 2017 to 2018 appropriate 13000 mental health consultation organised by RFDS all over the country(Lynne’s story: managing my mental health,.n.d).moreover, suicide rates of higher school students of Australia get increased from past few years. Up to 31 % suicide cases take place and 17% peers make suicide attempt. The reason behind their suicide is hopelessness, peer pressure, bullying etcetera. There are a best organisation name Supporting Youth Mental Health who give great contribution for solving this problem. They arranged National suicide prevention lifeline which provide free and personal support to graduates as well as peoples. I am totally impressed by all services provided by the organisation of mental health which I mentioned above. These all blogs change my mind set towards mental health. (John Giampaolo,.27 september,2019)


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Throughout the course of mental health and wellbeing, I was learned different kind of concepts and method in dealing with people having mental health disorders. In future, if I will work with mentally ill patients such as aboriginal peoples. then I will feel some difficulties. Firstly, at starting I will afraid around victim who suffering from mental illness such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders excreta.at that time I definitely felt any patient hit me with instrument. Moreover, this thinking will get arises in my mind because of lack of experience and low confidence (mental health self-reflection.,20 september,2016).Nextly, most importance factor which become my biggest weakness is communication as I am new in this field I will get some troubles to interact with pshysiological patient and I am not able to understand the condition of that person .my negative attitude towards mentally ill patients cause big challenges for me because of this I will not feel conformable in working with them, these all reason because a weakness for my further future.


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