Question 1 1On demand selfservice Cloud computing resources

Question 1


On demand self-service:

Cloud computing resources are provided to the user without the involvement of humans.

In pizza retailer shop, customers can place order for pizza without using any help from cloud provider and can access applications to customize their order of pizza.

Broad network access:

All kinds of devices can provide the facilities of cloud computing like laptop, computers, smartphones, tabs and so on.

Pizza applications are available on smartphones, tabs to check new offers or ongoing discounts. With the help of provision of application on computers, smartphones, tabs crew member can get to know how long customer will take to reach the pizza shop to pick-up the online order.

Basically, all the applications of pizza shop are easily accessible through phone, PC’s, tabs and so on.

Resource pooling:

Provision of services to multiple customers from similar resources and securely and logically separate them.

In busy time like Easter days or Christmas holidays whole market is busy. There can be huge chaos seen in the pizza shop.

So, providing appropriate orders to appropriate person and without messing up the order delivering the orders is resource pooling.

Device and location independency:

The cloud user can access the cloud application anytime and anywhere regarding the infrastructure provided by the third party.

In pizza shop, the managers or the owners can access their system without being present to the shop while sitting at their home. They can get the full access to the applications and can check the sales, invoices, delivery and so on from anywhere and anytime.

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Cost Reduction:

Cloud provider provides infrastructure itself. So, there is no need to spend money on infrastructure.

In pizza shop, infrastructure is also provided by the cloud provider to run the applications. They do not need to spend on infrastructure. This saved money they can utilize somewhere else to raise the profit.

Question 2

2.a Porter’s five strategies for Competitive Advantages are named follow:

• Cost leadership

• Differentiation

• Innovation

• Customer centric

• Operational effectiveness

Organizations to get the benefits or to attain competitive advantage should involve trade-offs. Involvement of trade-offs can enhance the productivity of a firm or industry or decrease the losses by improving ROI.

Organizations who innovate something new are compromising with cost leadership but focusing on innovation which is high cost consuming this phenomenon is considered as trade-offs.

For example: apple making iphones, ipad and MacBook which has best interface and best features as compared to other competitive organizations, innovates always something new for commercial use and easily available to people in the world. Apple basically did not invent it but innovated the first touch screen mobile phones and making it available to users while compromising the cost leadership as it was one of the most expensive phones in the market. Apple uses innovation strategy and make profit, increase productivity but couldn’t follow up the cost leadership strategy which is considered as trade-offs.

Second instance, Woolworth’s technical team innovate the self-checkout system in the stores but prices of products of Woolworths are bit expensive than other competitive stores who has no self-checkout system like ALDI.


The following strategies are used by UBank:

Customer Centric:

UBank provided 24*7 customer support to the users which can help users to get the solution of their issues anytime. Free2app provided by the bank can help users to see how much they have spent and making them aware about their goals to save money.

Cost leadership:

Ubank provides loan at best and cheap prizes in comparison to other banks. They also give more interest to the customers on the money they have saved in their bank.


With the generation of new technology every day, Ubank also focused on innovation policies which can help users in a more appropriate way. For an instance, they have started application MIA which is chat center where all the queries will be answered regarding home loan.


Unlike all other banks, Ubank has no ample of services to make customers confuse. They provide limited services which are easily accessible by all the customers. Simple banking is the best thing which differentiate Ubank from others.

Trade offs

Trade-off which I can see is that using innovation strategy leads to compromise of operational effectiveness. They have innovated a MIA application only answering the querries of home loan, but other banks have number of application to answer different kind of querries.

For an instance, CBA has different chatbooths for different applications used by customers.

For homeloan it is different, for personal loan it is different and so on.

Question 3

3.a. The process of finding the solution of complex problems is defined as design thinking. This process involves. Five phases of design thinking process include Empathise, define, ideate, prototype and design. In this process, main emphasize is given on three elements of the product which are people, business and technology. This process is creative problem solution oriented.

An Australian company Nessabee Creative is company which help customers to in website designing using decision thinking. It is also known for research and consulting methods which is also done with the help of design thinking. Website developing is easy but running it successfully is not an easy task and design thinking makes it easy by finding solution of complex issues occurring in running the website successfully or to attract more and more online traffic. They make high-fidelity prototype to test the website and to check the online traffic. This prototype helps them to design the appropriate and user-friendly website and to use appropriate technology to handle SEO optimization.

3.b. Yes, I agree with the statement that states “The key in design thinking is the soft skills of design…… presentation, critical thinking, or group work…… Design thinking can have fuzzy and evolving deliverables, like a user experience product or alike”.

I can explain this with a real-world company’s example IDEO which was helping PillPack to create their brand and to be known for what they made and what they sell. With the help of design thinking they had made prototype based on hypothesis and test different. In the prototype, series of rectangles was used as the layout of webisite ( is full of rectangles. Customers were asked to make their own website and share their views as if they were sharing with their friends. Eventually, it was more understandable what they are selling in pharmacy.

With this example it is understandable that IDEO first design the prototype and with the help of group work they edit the work together from whatever pillpack build their website and its views about itself. As a result, they got evolving deliverable in the form of straightforward and understandable content about this pharmacy and what people can buy from PillPack.

Question 4.



After pay makes profit with the use of B2C e-commerce. This type of e-commerce is between business and customers, in this product are directly sold to customers. After pay is making profits from customers as well as retailers. After pay is a platform where customers can buy products of different brands from several stores at a one place and only by making one transaction. It is found that people spend huge per transaction and likely to spend in future also.

After pay is famous among customers because there is no need to pay interest on buying the product on installments, customer need to pay the same amount in installments which is done fortnightly. So, the way after pay is making profit is from customer who forgot to pay the amount on due date. Late fee is $10 per and if still amount is not paid for a week, additional $7 is charged.

The second way of making profit from after pay is retailers or brand outlets from which they are buying products and selling further to customers. They are charging 4.1% of total order from retailers. For an instance after pay sells a jacket which is of $200 to customers and they will make profit of $8 from retailer of that jacket. That means per sale 4.1% profit is made from every retailer or brand outlets.

From 2016-2017 after pay made profit if $23 billion from the purchases and $6.1 million from the late fees.


Mashup is the social computing application which is used to gather the content from ample of websites and make it available on single platform for the viewers. That is why mashup is considered as the most suitable social computing application for after pay to use.

After pay deals with retailers and customers. After pay is a place where ample of brands sell their stuff and numerous customers can see those brands. Whichever brand of product they are looking for after pay will take them to that product’s website which results in difficulty of price from different suppliers or brand outlets.

Mashup can do this by selecting the products from different websites and after comparing the products based on price and quality make it visible to customers to get the best. They can advertise all the on going discounts on website to buy the product at the cheapest rate.

Huge Online traffic on after pay also leads to increase in revenue of the organization which results in more profit.

Question 5.

Business process Improvement is the strategy used to improve any process in business environment whereas Business process reengineering is the method of redesigning process for reducing the cost and waste. Unlike BPI, BPR focus on wide business process changes.

BPI focus on work specific improvements. On the other hand, BPR emphasize on more economic benefits. Involvement of big teams is required by BPI to work and individuals or small team are enough to focus on changes required to improve the performance of a company.

In my view, BPI is more effective to use in any of the industry not because it doesn’t require high funding in comparison to BPR because it doesn’t change the traditional business process, it just improves the ongoing process. Both employees and customers affected badly once the whole tradition business process is changed. It is difficult to adapt the new process for employees and to work on it also. It is really time consuming to adapt BPR.

Barnett bank is an example I want to use to support my answer that BPI is more beneficial to solve tackle any of the process performance issue. Barnett Bank focused on drastic change in one of its core business. They used BPI to made people see how changes in process occurred. BPR was not acceptable to so many customers and employees. So, BPI was used as employees in small groups were doing small projects and were involved in process change. Big teams were working on BPR with expertise. One person or small group was enough to work on BPI. Huge funding was given to BPR project whereas for BPI project no sponsor was there to fund.

BPR projects were more focused and stretched on a high level and in this way, there leaving traditional processes behind. When crisis came people moved back to traditional process. The problem occurred was inertia. Habits are very hard to break. BPI continues as it was not changing traditional processes, it was improving those processes with almost no funding, small team working and results in effective change process improvement

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