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The following sample essay is about what Quentin Tarantino’s film Kill Bill is about. Read the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay, scroll down.

Quentin Tarantino`s film KIll Bill Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 is about a woman who once formed part of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, after finding out she is pregnant, she decides to want to retire and live a normal life, but that isn`t possible for Deadly Vipers, which leads to the deadly wedding massacre.

Performed by four of her assasin peers,(names) and Bill (ex-lover/boss) who shoots “The bride” in the head. The bride is put into a comatose state and it isn’t until four years after the incident, where she wake up from her coma. Awaken at the sight of a man and realizing her body has been “rented” out by a man name Buck, she quickly becomes filled with rage as she remembers her having lost her baby, and her chance at a new life, she is ready to get revenge and forms a death list of everyone who was involved in the wedding massacre.

The American film director, Quentin Tarantino, was born in Knoxville, Tennessee. March 27, 1963, he grew up in Los Angeles, he worked in a video store (Video Archives) in Manhattan Beach for five years, absorbing everything from Kung Fu to blaxploitation classics to spaghetti westerns. “I steal from every single movie ever made,” he proudly boasts. “If my work has anything it`s that I`m taking this from this and that from that and mixing them together.

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” Quentin is known for mixing genres in his films, in Kill Bill the way The bride overcomes her obstacles in order to obtain her revenge giving her the role of an avenging female can impact women. Quentin Tarantino`s mixed-genre films with the portrayal of leading female roles has positively impacted women by empowerment

Kill Bill includes a mix of genres, it emphasizes a Samurai genre. in the first volume, Tarantino chooses to relate O-Ren Ishii’s back-story through Japanese anime. Tarantino also Includes the sword which is traditional for Japanese warriors. The bride who seems to be invincible with her sword embodies the character like those in samurai movies. She is determined and on a long journey for vengeance. In Kill bill there is themes of loyalty and honor much like Japanese films. It is apparent when “The bride” betrays her squad by leaving and wanting to live a normal life which in turn she had “dishonored” the Vipers which is why they hunt her down.

The way Quentin includes a female that has the leading role is quite different as we are used to seeing in films. It is important to analyse the portrayal of women, especially in media. Kill Bill embraces the idea of feminism and how women can be brutalize the same way men are in films. The brides role in kill bill can be quite empowering for some women. As Uma thurman( The Bride) states,” Women would come up to me and they would say that somehow or other ” they`d share a little bit ” that that film helped them in their lives, whether they were feeling oppressed or struggling or had a bad boyfriend or felt badly about themselves, that that film released in them some survival energy that was helpful, and that is probably one of the most gratifying things that I have ever experienced in response to a piece of art,” she said. Seeing a film dominant in women can be something new and positive, But to many this can be problematic as the roles can also make women be vulnerable to brutilization. In kIll bill and many other films we see women who become victims of rape. Kill Bill is no different as we faced a disturbing scene when the bride woke up from her coma. Which many people question why women have to be a victim of sexual assault in order to be empowered and why it was necessary to include in Kill Bill. On the other hand in this film women were not over sexualized like in most action movies, the women didn`t reveal too much which showed they weren`t used as a sex symbol. They wore tracksuits and long-fitted robes. Unlike action movies like Tomb raider.etc

In another Film by Quentin Tarantino, Death Proof, is about a group of females, who encounter a man by the name of Stuntman Mike, who has a “Death Proof” car. They are foul-mouthed young women(that) get drunk, tease and humiliate assorted men. Stuntman Mike is misogynistic and gets kick out of dismembering women. The first four set of girls unfortunately become victims of Mike who rams the group of girls with his car. But in the second half of the film we see another group of four girls, who don`t face the same luck as the first group and end up joining together to kill Mike and defeat sexism. It is a empowering movie, as we see the females can overcome a situation like that. Quentin Tarantino is great at exposing issues women may face. Similar to Kill bill these women are using their inner-masculinity to defeat the situations they are placed in. Making it a great feminist film.

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