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Q- Fever is an infection generate by the bacteria Coxiella burnetii. This kind of bacteria commonly infect by some animals like goat, sheep and cattle.


Coxiella Burnetii bacteria are form in the birth products, urine, feces and milk of affect animals. In these kinds of bacteria some people never get any kind of disease and viral infection like flu-like symptoms including fever, chills, muscle pain and fatigue but some people don’t affect these bacteria whether they are around these kinds of infectious disease.

When you inhale dust particles and infected by some kind of bacteria that cause serious disease. In people having Q-fever having a high-risk factor for immune system of the body and higher problem for heart valve in which they have difficulty breathing and it cause some serious problems like heart, liver, lungs and brain. The chronic Q-Fever considered as severity of disease in which physician treats as given the antibiotics for at least 18months and it could prevent regulation of our immune system and heart valves or other functions damage by this disease.

Incases there is some symptoms (high-fever, fatigue) ,causes(in which bacteria cause this disease),risk factor(what you’re doing and in which location), complications(how it affect when you have certain problems like lung issues etc.),preparations(how you can prepare for these kind of situations), test and treatment of the Q-fever.

Causes/ Etiology

Q-Fever is precipitate by micro-organism Coxiella Burnetii are most generally found in sheep, goats and cattle. These germs can also infect pets, including cats, dogs and rabbits.

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These animals spread the germs through their urine, feces and dairy and birthing merchandise includes as the placenta and amniotic fluid. When these materials dehydrated the germs in them develop into the barnyard spray that hang in the air. The infection is frequently spread to humans through their lungs when they breathing poison some kind of micro-organism inside your body and it causes infection.

Signs and Symptoms

Q-Fever is an infection causes by bacterium Coxiella Burnetii. Q-Fever is usually a moderate and flu- like manifestation and it is spread from humans by animals. There are many people affected with Q-Fever never show any symptoms. If you see any symptoms regarding Q-Fever you’ll no doubt full to have liability of bacteria around it. There are some signs and symptoms of Q-Fever are as follows-

  • High fever: – 105 F

  • Serious headache issues

  • Weakness

  • Cold and cough

  • Vomiting

  • Awareness of light

  • Chest tenderness while inhale

  • Rash


There is an certain factors that can increase risk of being infected by the micro-organism getting from animals that transmit through human to animals from urine smell , feces and many more. But in Q-Fever risk includes the occupation of the person that will take higher risk in them. If you are working in farming or dairy products it affects more risk in those areas people. For example – veterinary medicine, meat processing and animal research. If you’re travel for the areas that include the farm or farming efficiency having higher risk of Q-Fever that figures out the germs or bacteria around it that causes some infected in which you inhale all the dust particles that will cause Q-Fever. In these kind disease almost men are more suffer than women and it can occur in anytime. More risk for chronic Q-Fever finally organized the more serious forms of Q-fever is increased in people who have heart problems, week immune system, kidney disease and blood vessels abnormalities.

Test/ Diagnosis

In the test, it configures the patient diagnosed that doctor will prescribe in your medical record that will achieve one or more blood tests, side by side with additional more test if doctor suspected chronic Q-Fever. In the lab tests doctor want to check the blood antibodies to certain micro-organism antigen if you suspect the liver damage. Another test requires to those people check Q-Fever can cause pneumonia and having chest X-ray to see your lung healthy. Echocardiography is important test if your doctor suspected the Q-Fever to check for problems with your heart valves.


Q-Fever is treated with the antibiotic doxycycline. You can take this medication up to you how much the Q-Fever is and how is it chronic and acute depends upon the infection. For example- if the Q-Fever is acute you can take antibiotics up to tow or three weeks. If the Q-Fever is chronic you need to complete the full course of antibiotics as the doctors prescribed for 18 month. If you stop taking the antibiotics it may reduce more risk factor but not curable according to that. While you are taking the medication, you need to follow-up tests in years infection cause. It is mild and no symptomatic cases of acute Q-Fever mostly have their own treatment you don’t need to go to the doctor to get the medication. If you have Q-Fever symptoms of Q-Fever antibiotic treatment is recommended and endocarditis you need the surgery to replace damaged heart valves.


A Q-Fever frequency can affect your heart, lungs, lungs and brain that will give you serious obstacle such as Endocarditis it means the inflammation of the membrane inside your heart in which endocarditis is totally injured your heart valves. Another issue for medical emergency is lung that considered to acute respiratory distress if you’re not getting enough oxygen in medical emergency hospital. Pregnant women increases higher risk in chronic Q-Fever like miscarriage, low birth weight, premature birth or another problems. There is a liver damage in some people develop hepatitis as inflammation of liver in which prevent with its own functions. Q-fever can also cause meningitis as inflammation of the membrane your brain and spinal cord.


If you see any kind of symptoms related to Q-Fever you can visit to your regular doctor after that they can send you specialist doctor that will considered as the doctor who are specialized in this field. Tell everything to the doctor what happen to you and what are the symptoms of Q-fever or any other problem for the past history and they will decide what kind of medication he or she need it.

ConclusionQ-Fever is an infection caused by the bacterium Coxiella Burnitii and it may cause through some kind of bacteria like sheep, cattle or another animal in which smells the urine, feces or another dairy product that causes and regulate the micro-organism in Q-Fever. It is transmitted from humans to animals which interconnection, touch, smell or another dairy product that carries dairy products and travels and live in farming areas it can cause more effect infections such as the bacteria infected through animals. Q-Fever is treated for antibiotic medicine in which configures the heart valves and lung damage or replacement through surgery. There are some symptoms that can cause mild and severity of headache, fever, vomiting for the Q-Fever. The infection that caused by an micro-organism around the animals.


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