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Social media is a tool and platform for people to share ideas, insights, experiences and perspectives with each other(For example: YouTube, Twitter). Nowadays, social media is gradually changing people’s communication and lifestyle. For consumer using social media, life is being more and more convenient and colorful. Recently, when people hanging out in the afternoon and want to find a place for dinner, People always choose where they have been, because they can’t get any information from other restaurants.

in this era, both restaurants and diners are consumer of social media. Restaurants put their information like food they have and feedback they got on some of the social media based on GIS system, diners are using social media to choose restaurant they like and can even get the menu from the restaurants.

What to do is also one of the biggest problem in people’s life. People are always confused about what to do for the day, what to do in the future and what to do in their life.

Now, with the help of social media, people can find a variety of different information, such as nearby entertainment venues and restaurants and various job opportunities. However, social media can also be dangerous when being used by consumer. On April 12, 2016, Wei Zexi, a 21-year-old student at Xidian University, died of synovial sarcoma. Before he died, he said that he had searched the website for the treatment of the treatment, and searched Baidu for the biological immunotherapy of the Second Hospital of the Armed Police, and then the disease was delayed after the treatment.

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In a subsequent survey, it was discovered that biological immunotherapy is a technology that has been eliminated.

Wei’s death warned people don’t trust social media all the time. Like humanity, social media can also lie to their consumer. Unfortunately, we can’t see information from social media as business information or official information, because for the information online, we still not have a law that mature enough to manage the information that exist on the internet. Social media can be a very good machine for firm to have an excellent start and can also make company getting better. Promoting your company on social media is almost zero cost. Nowadays, many companies are springing up because they don’t need to spend too much energy and cost on advertising. Uber is a company which did a great job in this part. Approximately 84 percent of customers make purchase decisions based on their friends’ recommendations. On the contrary, they can do more work on the quality improvement and characteristics of products. Some of the companies in China even use their CEO’s introduction for advertisement of the company. With social media, employees will not go around in the company because employees can just upload the file except handing their work.

However, on the other hand, it is difficult to complete a successful marketing plan through social media. Internet marketing is a big cake, and almost all companies want to take a share, which leads to the proliferation of online marketing. In the social media, the CEO’s personal introduction as an advertisement is two-sided. On the one hand, the customer does understand the entire company faster through the CEO’s personal charm, but on the other hand, the company’s image is also packaged with the personal image. Once the image of the CEO is damaged, it will directly affect the image of the company, then influence the operation of the company. Qiangdong Liu, a CEO of Jingdong, like to use his personal behavior and personal image in Jingdong’s advertisement. Some people buy Jingdong’s product because of his personal influential.

Two month ago, a news from America really influence his company. It says that LIU QIANGDONG was briefly arrested in the midwestern US city of Minneapolis over allegations of criminal sexual conduct. This news really influenced his company in some ways, and they spent a month to figure out the operation of the firm by giving evidence on the internet. The information on social media is diverse and changeable, but most businesses are stable. In my opinion, it is unwise to eagerly link business to social media without solid foundation. The connection between social media and business can indeed increase the visibility of the company to a certain extent, but it will also make the business lose stability to a certain extent.

Now, there are a lot of companies using social media to manage their employees by using social media, but social media is also a thing like a drug. Some people are relying on social media and forget their work. For me, it’s impossible to ban the authority of employees using social media, because we can use internet everywhere. So, in my point of view, simply blocking is not as appropriate as grooming. If I am an IT consultant hired to improve social media practices in a company, I will try my best to improve employees’ life quality by hold an activity like ping-pong competition to let employees get out from social media. That can make employees work efficient and effectiveness. As far as I concerned, like computer game, will generally accepted by more and more group of people, and will absolutely change our life.

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