Publication Moral Development: Child psychology

Learning Child Psychology made me understand more about the complexity of child development. I find this subject very challenging because this is a broad area. There are many various theories to explain children’s development. This subject is represented by various perspectives that have shaped how our understanding of development has changed over time. I find it super interesting because it discusses early mental development, effects later in life, methods of enhancing mental health and long-term developmental stages. Even the assignments were fun to accomplish because we got to know how our mothers felt during pregnancy and after giving birth as we discuss Prenatal Development.

This subject helps not only to create interesting procedures that apply to every kid yet additionally focuses on those that have learning deficiencies that we’ll be interacting with.

There are different kinds of development in children, such as physical, cognitive, socio-emotional, and moral development. The Physical development refers to the motor abilities that kids obtain during early stage of development.

My niece learns new skills after we train her to do something and she does it by repetition and when she learns by experience. Cognitive development refers to the capacity to absorb the knowledge imparted by parents and teachers. In this development, it is important for kids to have a positive social association and explore different things instead of being exposed to gadgets because their parents are busy. When Kari was 8 months old, we sing nursery rhymes to her. We didn’t use gadgets to entertain her until she was 4 years old.

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Socio-emotional developmental helps in developing our relationships, personalities and emotions.

These all starts when we are babies, we start to shape our feelings and sentiments with our families. With every interaction in our life, we create bonds and experience that will give major effects on us as we grow older. Since my niece is an only child, she is always spoiled by her lolas, she is still learning on how to share and mingle and with other kids especially now she’s attending kindergarten. Guiding and teaching during this domain also involves ensuring a toddler feels safe and nurtured by using manners and kind words.

In Moral development, teaching the children to love and obey God is the foremost vital thing you’ll ever do. We teach our niece to pray every time she wakes up and before going to bed and of course to thank God for always showering us with blessings. Recognizing the difference between right and wrong will fall in place if you’re simultaneously teaching and modeling God’s love. In my opinion, this is the area that is most lacking in our culture today and I hope that parents would focus on this one. Knowing these factors will help us in the future, with understanding our development. I’ve enjoyed learning about human growth and how we cognitively think and learn. This subject has been beneficial and insightful for me and I know that I can apply it well in the future.

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