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Public policy – Dr Stanley Paper

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Public policy is defined as any decision and action done by the government to do or not to do something with specific objectives, goals and objectives. Public policy is used as a general guide in solving a country’s problems and is also seen as an action that has a specific purpose by the government for the advantage of the publics, which will impact the publics. Public policy as a whole can have important effects or consequences on the welfare and happiness of society, where public policy is an important part of society’s environment (Anderson, 2000). When viewed in the perspective of today’s life, there are various issues and issues that surfaces as well as demands from various portions of society, and public policy is a key agenda of the government in resolving these issues.

Malaysia is rich in political discussion, a favorite pass time in coffee shops and offices all around the country, but very light on policy. Most discussion focuses on personalities, scandals, corruption, and tactics. Most are interested in who will win the next election, but not overly concerned with what this will mean in terms of public policy. (Murray, 2013).

To cut a long story short, Malaysia’s public policy is designed broadly based on the needs of the political and social structures and the future demand of the whole country. As Malaysian society is a multiracial society, any form of public policy should be carefully studied by considering such factors as political, social and economic factors to provide acceptable norms of citizenship. Therefore, to understand the formulation policy in Malaysia, it is important to get a clear picture of the country’s political system and social structure. The Malaysian political system is based on Parliamentary Democracy and is ruled as a Constitutional Monarchy with His Majesty the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (the King) as the Supreme Leader of the country.

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Malaysia upholds the federal constitution which distributes power to legislative, judicial and executive authorities. The doctrine of separation of powers; and, checks and balances are clearly set out in the Federal Constitution. The concept of federalism in Malaysia is also the basis of governmental administration and machinery for linking functions between the government and the federal government. Such a system is very effective in coordinating the process of drafting and implementing public policy through the help of the government machinery.

In Malaysia, the social and political system is very much related to the creation and formulation of public policy. The establishment of public policy is complex due to the involvement of various parties involved in the decision-making process. Public Policy in Malaysia can be created through one or a combination of three processes. The first is through a political channel which means that the policy is initiated by a Cabinet directive or through a proposal of several political parties. The second is through the administration process at the ministerial level. Given that policy has implications for administrative machinery, policies are being discussed in a number of top-level governments. The third is through a combination of both processes through an integrated / interactive approach. Special Specials can be set up to study the policies in depth before presenting them to the Cabinet.

The Malaysian government has framed and applied a number of policies to address specific issues. The first policy introduced was the Privatization Policy which was introduced by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad himself in 1983. The objective of the policy was to reduce the financial and administrative burden of the government, especially in running and maintaining services and infrastructure, to promote competition, increase productivity and increase efficiency in the delivery of these services, to stimulate entrepreneurship and private investment, and thereby speed up economic growth and to reduce the occurrence and scope of the public sector, with a monopoly tendency and bureaucratic support.

Next policy is National Social Welfare Policy. The goal of this policy is to build and plant a spirit of mutual support and support to unleash the full potential of human beings, create a variety of facilities for the community to meet current social challenges, improve personal and personal development, and foster a culture of love.

Third policy is Malaysian Industrial Policy. The objectives of this policy are the following which is to ensure a reasonable distribution of wealth amongst different races in the country because the gap between the rich and the poor is obvious, to promote the development of manufacturing industries serving foreign markets, to promote the development of manufacturing industries serving domestic markets and to cope with new competition from large firms in the domestic market.

Fourth policy is National Agricultural Policy. The objectives of the third National Agricultural Policy (NAP3) are to improve food security, to increase productivity and competitiveness of the sector, to expand linkages with other sectors, to create new sources of growth for the sector and to conserve and utilize natural resources on a sustainable basis.

Last but not least is National Education Policy. This policy is aimed at producing Malaysian citizens who are experienced and competent, who possess high moral standards and who are responsible and capable of attaining high level of personal well-being as well as being able to contribute to the harmony and upward mobility of the society and the nation at large.

In conclusion, we as citizens should support the nation’s leaders in developing the country, but if you feel something is wrong or not right, you don’t need to follow it. What’s important is that you need to think rationally before you make any kind of decision so it won’t be biased against anything.


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