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Psychology Paper

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My personal assumptions about how people develop the kinds of psychological distress that bring them to counseling include the fact that most individuals are not willing to share some of the problems which they might be going through (Murdock, 2016). This minimizes the chances of the individuals in identifying effective solutions to their problems, which may worsen their status bringing them to seek counseling (Murdock, 2016). This may also be attributed to the surrounding environment, which has a huge impact on an individual’s life. The environment shapes individuals in different aspects, which may include how they address certain issues affecting their life (Murdock, 2016). This makes it a contributing factor in how individual develop certain thoughts as well as behaviors.

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Psychological distress may be as a result of traumatic experiences which may include the death of a loved one negatively impacting individuals in certain aspects (Minton & Myers, 2008). If there is no support from the community and close relatives, this may affect the affected individual in addressing the current crisis resulting in psychological distress. The current environment is also filled with different life stressors, which makes it difficult for individuals to effectively address these stressors all at once (Minton & Myers, 2008). Some of these stressors may include sicknesses, employment challenges, and marriage problems. An individual may opt to try out different ways of addressing these issues, which may sometimes fail requiring the individual to seek counseling services from professional personnel (Minton & Myers, 2008). A good mental health constitutes being resilient and able to overcome some of the life stressors which may negatively impact an individual’s health.

Individuals should be responsible for their own personal growth and be able to control their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, which are important in promoting a good life (Murdock, 2016). People can grow emotionally and change destructive behaviors by understanding their personality dimensions, which will enable individuals in identifying how this contribute to a good mental health (Murdock, 2016). Individuals can also be taught on how to cope with triggers of destructive behaviors by being able to understand the link between their emotions and behaviors (Murdock, 2016). Creating healthy relationships will also contribute to a good environment, which will motivate the individual in addressing some of the life stressors which may negatively affect their lives (Murdock, 2016).


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