The following sample essay on “Wind Energy Farm Power” talks about the full Pros and Cons of Wind Energy Power Generator. All the renewable resources, who uses wind power, how wind power is produced, facts and how does it work, all the uses, advantages and disadvantages of wind Energy.

What is wind energy?

Wind energy is the form of solar energy and now it is becoming one of fastest growing source of generating the electricity in the world. It is also clean source of power generator which have no pollution properties or any other side effects.

Wind Power is the use of Air Flow through wind turbines to mechanically power generator for the purpose of Electric Power.

How Wind Power Generator Works?

The wind power energy is used to generate mechanical power or electricity with the help of turbines. Produced mechanical power is use for many other purposes such as (grinding grains or pumping water) and the generator converts this mechanical power to electricity.

Which is used for home, schools, business, colleges and offices etc.

Pros / Advantages / Benefits or Uses of Wind Energy Plant

  • Naturally Free. Well the wind is the free and natural source and in this modern age with modern technology it can be captured most effectively.
  • No Pollution . When the turbines generates and built the energy. It produced the clean mechanical power and convert it into electricity without any side effect or any pollution.
  • Require Less Space. Although turbines of generator are tall in size and haven’t more thickness.

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    Therefore it takes no more land size. And the remaining earth under the turbines can be used for many other purposes. And many people find wind farms and interesting features of the landscape.

  • Remote Areas . The Remote areas which are not able to connect with electricity power grid are able to use wind turbines to produce their own supply. Turbines are play vital role in developed and the third world.
  • Jobs Opportunities. Another advantages of in the list when we talk about job less peoples. Well if government starts the projects of wind energy power plants, there would be thousands of jobs are produced for jobless peoples. This is also pros that it is a source of job opportunities.
  • Cost Effective. It is the cost-effective source of producing the power. Costing between 2 and 6 cents per kilowatt-hour. Depending on the wind energy resources and particular projects.
  • Industry Growth. It also play a vital role in the development of industries as well as increase and produce more chances of business. Could be very profitable business especially in those areas where we find no more resources of electricity.
  • Economy Growth. Starting big projects in multiple cities is the plus point to improve the economy and financial position of any country. We can also export the goods of turbines/generators as well as government can also supply the electricity to other countries and get big financial revenue. We have read above Pros of Wind Energy Power Plant now we’ll move towards all the Cons of Wind Energy Power Plant.

Cons / Disadvantages / Impacts of Wind Energy Plant

  • Wind Strength. The strength is not constant, increasing and decreasing from zero force to storm force. So that means the turbines are not producing the same electricity all the time. The rate of production is low and high as the strength zero of storm.
  • Need Landscape Land. We need landscape land from the one side or far from city and population to setup these turbines and generator. Because the in the population it is very dangerous and take lives of humans.
  • Repair of Turbine. If there are problem becomes in the generators, so in that case engineers, electrician and other mechanical staff need to move and repair that generators as in stand position. During this work they can face many difficulties because there are no tuck shop, hotel or stores near to these plants.
  • Manufacturing Pollution. During the manufacturing of turbines and generators and other small and big components and machines they produce some chemical type pollution and air pollution as well. By which nearly live population can be face some diseases.
  • Effects on Birds. Blades of turbine farms and generators can effects the bird’s lives and may be the cause of death. During flying of these birds can face accidents with these blades.
  • Effects on Animals. We discuss cons that takes the live of birds like that it can also be the cause of animal’s death. The wires travelling under the earth and make long journey and distance reach to city. During the distance the short circuit and naked wires can damage and wound animals on the earth and under the earth.
  • Cause of Accidents. Mostly farms are near to road and an open areas in landscape clean earth. In case of heavy storm the turbine may broke and left on the road. This turbine on the road may be the cause of an accident. In these areas we haven’t found and crane and hospital or any other rescue resources.
  • No Wind No Light. The electricity produced by these generator are not available for 24 hours. Because if there are no wind energy turbines and generator would stop and never prudence electricity. You will be in dark night without electricity.

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