Pros And Cons Of Marijuana

Marijuana is a drug that has pros, and cons. But for Marijuana, there are more pros, than cons. The reason for that, is, because it is people’s lives, and they can choose whether, or not to use Marijuana. Marijuana has a positive role in medicine. Anything, besides drugs as well, that is taken, or used heavily, is going to be bad for people’s health. A positive effect of Marijuana is that it has a potential to help people feel better in their overall health.

For example, in the article, “Little Scientific Research On Medical Marijuana Benefits”, by Cotter, Barbara, Gazette, it states, “Medical marijuana has been her saving grace, she says, restoring her ability to hold a job, to be involved with her family, to feel good again” Another reason is that, Marijuana may actually be more useful towards one’s health, more than the actual medicational drugs, given by doctors. For example, in the article, it states, ‘It gives me back a quality of life that, honestly, their pills can’t give me,’ says Akeo, who works at a Colorado Springs dispensary, smokes medical marijuana in the morning and ingests edibles infused with it at night.

This shows that, medical Marijuana can have a more of a better impact on one’s health, in a positive way, rather than the actual medical drugs, provided, by doctors. This also shows that Marijuana is powerful in a way that it is beneficial to people’s health. Another reason why Marijuana should be legal, is because it can help with chronic Pain, and other health problems.

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For example, in the article, “Light em up, Pot Is Legal Today”, by Gray Kathleen, states, “Few people dispute the medical benefits of marijuana on a variety of ailments, including chronic pain, seizures, cancer, glaucoma and PTSD.” Another reason why Marijuana should be legal is, because it helps with bad health conditions, aswell. For example, in the article, it states,“And the state has designated 22 conditions, including Parkinson’s disease, Tourette’s syndrome, epilepsy and arthritis as qualifiers for medical marijuana Cards”

This show that Marijuana can help with chronic pain, and syndromes, as well as other health problems. Another reason why Cannabis should be legal is, because many people petitioned, because of the benefits of Marijuana, and how it helped with their health problems. For instance, in the article, “Medical Benefits Of Pot In Dispute”, by Wingett Sanchez, Yvonne, it states, “Health officials received numerous petitions from people who suffer from PTSD, anxiety, migraines and depression, as well as their caretakers.” This shows that the petitions are proof that people are being benefited in a good way, by the use of Cannabis. Another reason of Marijuana legalization is that many people actually support the benefits of Marijuana. An example is that, in the article, it states, “More than 31,000 Arizonans currently participate in the medical-marijuana program, citing conditions ranging from chronic pain to cancer and hepatitis C.”

This shows that plenty of people support Marijuana, because of its health benefits. On the other hand, some people believe that Marijuana should not be legal. One may argue that Marijuana should not be legalized, because it can be bad for people’s health, especially in young adults, however people can choose to whether, or not use Cannabis, because it is specifically, their own personal choice. Some people feel that marijuana can cause serious problems in people’s mental, and physical health, however, this is not necessarily true, because too much use of the drug can cause harm to people’s health, whereas, little use may not cause any harm. In conclusion, Marijuana, should be legal, because it is people’s lives, and they can choose whether, or not to use it. On the other hand, one may argue that Marijuana should be illegal, but the truth o is that, too much of Marijuana can cause potential harm, but less use may not.


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Pros And Cons Of Marijuana
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