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Proposal Email Essay

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Aayush Rohilla



Richard Mitchel

24th March, 2019

Proposal Email

TO: [email protected]

FROM: [email protected]

DATE: 24th March,2019

SUBJECT: Exercising regularly

Respected Sir,

The purpose of this memo is to create a project regrading why exercising regularly is very important for a healthy body. This memo will have the proposal, objectives, my work plan and sources that I will use. I want your approval and feedback on this.

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Exercising is very important to us. It’s one of those things that helps our body and mind grow in a heathy way. But not many know this thing that what exercising regularly can do to our body, therefore through this project I want to threw light on the practice of exercising regularly. I personally love going to gym and I am a fitness freak.

My research question is ‘why is exercising regularly important to us?’. Exercises can help us in controlling weight, fighting diseases, uplifting mood, boosting energy, getting a proper sleep etc. But consistency is the key, if we don’t have a regular routine set for exercises then we can’t have these and thus we can’t have a healthy body. My research assignment is an informational report because it is more of an informative nature, I have explained how we can have that attitude towards fitness through PowerPoint.

My work-plan towards this research project is as follows-

I will conduct QnA among a small group of people to know their attitude towards fitness.

I will use different sources to understand fitness better.

I will create PowerPoint presentation and a demo-reel on fitness.

I will do a proper one-month training of fitness to know and understand this better by myself.

I will talk to my uncle as he is the fittest guy I have ever met and he also works on gym.

I request you to give your approval and feedback to my project. I assure you that you won’t be disappointed. I would be waiting for your feedbacks and queries if you have any.

sincerely,Aayush Rohilla


BIBLIOGRAPHY Gillen, C. M. (2014). The Hidden Mechanics of Exercise. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. Retrieved from J. E. (2017). Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology : Bridging Theory and Application. New york: New York, NY : Springer Publishing Company. 2017. Retrieved from

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