Project Proposal Apartment DirectorI have been selected to be

Project Proposal: Apartment Director

I have been selected to be an Apartment director. That will mean that I must address all features that relate to apartment director. My job will be to make sure that the building are correctly working and up to par. I have been given work by a real estate company. Obligation awaiting will be to interview prospective renters to discuss leasing terms, make sure that building complies with laws, and create budgets.

The objective of the apartment director is to confirm that the real estate is operated efficiently with minimal outlay.

My aim is to ensure that tenants get value for their money by providing best services using different stakeholders. The objective of the project is to ensure that specific roles of managers are applied to the maximum. The roles include managing marketing, lease, and repairs. Such aspects, when addressed, will make any real estate success.

Rent responsibilities will fall under my apartment management. I will make sure that the rent is affordable to the market but on the same side make sure I don’t take a loss.

The rent increase and decrease will also be determined by the location of the apartment. The measures of gathering rent are also put in place. The date for collecting rent will be set, and a late fee will also be imposed. Regarding rent, I will also adjust rent when necessary. The rent can be increased or decreased depending on the needs of the market.

All of the tenants are my concern.

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I will make sure to fill all available apartments. I will be involved in prescreening occupants to ensure I don’t harbor people involved in illegal activities or have bad credit. I will also be in charge in handling emergency events. These emergencies include maintenance requests, lock outs, floods and more. I also handle move outs. After moving out, the unit is reviewed to check for damages and finding a new tenant of the house. If damages are found, part of deposit fee is subtracted to settle maintenance, and the rest returned to the tenant. I will also handle the eviction of tenants that fail to pay rent.

Repairs and maintenance are no exception. My management is required to ensure that properties are kept in safe and livable condition. Property maintenance will involve ensuring that property function in the highest condition. This will be done through checking leaks regularly, landscaping, and removing snow. The purpose of the maintenance is to ensure that tenants are happy to live within the conditions. That is why I must have dependable carpenters, plumbers, and electricians.

As an apartment director, I will be required to achieve a budget. This will be done over operating within set budget for the building management. The significance of operating within a budget is to ensure that a reasonable profit is realized. Records should be properly managed by my office. The records of incomes and expenses are vital in computing profits. The records of maintenance, complaints, record of rent collection, and insurance cost is used to calculate expenditures. I will be responsible for counselling the real estate of how they should file their tax.

I shall accept a functional organizational structure. The structure will be divided into departments. My office will be the main location. I shall have a repair and maintenance department, advertising department, tenant relation department, and business department. The four departments shall have experts who are skilled. In that case, it will be easy for me to manage. In case of any challenge, it will be easy to address the specific department. My key stakeholders shall be the tenants and my boss who is the real estate company. It shall be my duty to ensure that my office gives both the best services. The tenant role is to pay rent, pay housing expenses and enjoy the amenities. The tenant needs must be met to ensure that top profits are met. All adjustments done be it maintenance are aimed at satisfying the tenant. The real estate management want to get the greatest services from the apartment director. It is, therefore, my duty to ensure that expected profits are met. I also have the responsibility of breaking down my expenditures and efforts I have put to minimize them. I have the responsibility of advising the real estate developers of what can be done to expand tenant service and how to better the whole community and the upcoming projects.

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