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Project description and case studyIntroduction to TASKifYThis Essay

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Project description and case study

Introduction to TASKifY:

This project is a mean stack development project. It is made by mongo database which is an advance version of PHP. This is totally a client based project only used by companies to manage their task and complete them on time.

Our project is a task management app in which you can manage task for the completion of a given project in a given time. This project is used to divide the task to the members and communication between the persons who has assigned the task. There is one dashboard also which guide you about how many task you have performed and how much total task is assigned to you and overall performance of the person in that project. There are some graphs which shows you your performance.

In that firstly the person wants to access that website has to register by filling some details in the registration form after that only he or she can login. After login one person can create the project and also add team to create that project after that he or she can create modules related to that project it is totally optional to create module. After creation of module person can create task and assign to another member of the task and also assign due date to complete that task. When that person who is assigned the task logins to the website that time in the notification bar he or she can see the notification of the assigned task with due date also. After completion of that task he or she can see that on their personal dashboard and also measure the performance related to their work.

Purpose and Need:

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Task management is the process of managing a task through its life cycle. It involves planning, testing, tracking, and reporting. Task management can help either individual achieve goals, or groups of individuals collaborate and share knowledge for the accomplishment of collective goals.

Modules and API :

In this project we have used mean stack technology to develop this project. In this project we have used frameworks of javascript project like angular javascript used to make front end of website and node javascript for the backend of the project and lastly Express javascript for the middleware between angular javascript and node javascript and a database to store data that is mongo database.

We have made total of 8 modules in our website that are listed below:

• Registration module

• Login module

• Project module

• Client module

• Modules module

• Task module

• Dashboard module

• User update module

Registration module:

This is first module of our website that is registration page. Before use of website user has to register for the website by filling the form. This form require details of user like name, email, password, phone number. After filling all the details then only user can click submit button and now only can login by entering the email and password.

Login module:

This is the second module which will be opened when user registers by filling the registration form. This form contains details like email id and password. They have to enter the email id and password that they have entered in the registration form. If they enter invalid detail then they cannot login.

Dashboard module:

After user login the first page opened is the dashboard page where user can see performance of his work. Their user can see all the projects in which he is working and modules related to that projects and lastly all the task assigned to him. All the performance is shown by the help of graph, like how many task is assigned to him and how many task is completed by him. Dashboard is individual for every user.

Project module:

After that project page comes where the user can see the projects in which he is working. And if he want to add another project he can add it. When creating a new project he has to click create project button and a popup form is displayed where user has to fill project name and client name for the client for which user has to make the project, some description about the project and the status of project. User can also update or delete the project. In the update form user can update project name, change the client name, can change the description of the project and can change the status of project from pending to inprogress or completed.

Client module:

Client module is the module related to the client of the projects who wants the project to be made for him. In that page the form is opened to add the client and the details to be filled is the client name, client email address, client phone number for further contact and the company name of the client for which client want to make the project and we can also update the detail of client .

Modules module:

After making the project we will now make modules related to that project to distribute the work in some parts. For making modules related to project is completely optional for the user. The details to be filled in module page is the title of the module and project name that is for which project we want to make the module and some description about the module for the future reference. We can also update the details of module.

Task module:

Now we have to make task to complete that project. For the different modules we have to make task to be assigned to different persons in the team. The task form contains information like task name, the project for which the task is to be made to made, some description of the task, creator of the task who created the task, the user to which the task is assigned, due date to complete that task . You can also update the details of task.

Forgot/Reset password:

While logging in to your account if you forgot your password then to change your password option is also available i.e. forgot password. By clicking forgot password link you are asked about to enter the mail then after clicking submit button the otp is sent through the mail to the mail id you have entered. After that page you are asked about otp and about the new password you want to enter and if the otp is right your password has been changed and you can login with new password else invalid otp is shown to you.

After logging in you can see your profile and you can also update your name, your mail id, your profile picture also.

About the author

This sample is done by Scarlett with a major in Economics at Northwestern University. All the content of this paper reflects her knowledge and her perspective on Project description and case studyIntroduction to TASKifYThis and should not be considered as the only possible point of view or way of presenting the arguments.

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