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Project Category Abstract Our web based application will be the Paper

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Project Category:


Our web based application will be the medium of communication between the donor and charity organization. This system will be handle by module admin which has all the data stored in it. The database lies in it. The admin stores data of donor, and receiver. Then comes Food company which controls the donation of data. It can perform searching, sending, and tracking of order. Donor will enter the food which they want to donate. Our order tracking system will search those charity organizations that will accept the offered food item. All the charity organization that will be nearer to that donor companies /restaurants will receive notification. If they needed that food item, they will accept donation.

Order tracking system will notify the donor companies that your donation has been accepted and also provide the information of that particular charity organization. Donor will decide from where to receive donation. Our trucker will have received location of donor and receiver organization. They will deliver donated food from restaurant/other food companies to delivery location. The donation receiver will give goodwill points on the basis of cooperation of certain owner of restaurant and the type of donated food donated by owner. This website will provide the best experience for the user as it is easy to use and handle, covenant to use, and light weight website.

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1. Introduction

The Purpose of this document is to provide an overall idea of our project “Donate Food” which is web based application. It gives information about project need, processing, developing, area of use, benefits and limitations.

Donate food’s goal is to encourage the highest use of wholesome unmarketable food, through the development of sustainable public-private partnerships between food companies, food charities, and other restaurants with a focus on bridging the technology, communication and infrastructure gap that results in large amounts of food waste.

Through this website charities organizations can be connected with food donors who accept food and provide it to insecure people. With the help of this website hunger can be reduce instead of wasting food. This website contacts charities organizations nearby or end route between restaurant and charity to find a suitable home for the surplus. The donor companies can do their marketing by being a responsible social business by getting good will points by this website.

2. Problem Statement

This website establishes a link between restaurants and the charity homes/needy households to enable excess food donation. The donor and charity organization will communicate through this website. This website will also create a ‘goodwill’ points system for restaurants to get reward for such noble deeds.

To reduce the chance of surplus food wastage, we are developing a website that different restaurants and food bank can donate surplus food. It helps the event organizer not to let any food waste. There are many apps and websites for same system exists like food cowboy, food bank etc. These apps are best in providing their apps but they have some defects. The aim of implementing this system is to remove the defect of existing apps. Data loss issues may be occurring due to inappropriate implementation.

3. Problem Solution for Proposed System

? Reduced the risk of data loss through proper database implementation of data.

? This website will be user friendly and reliable.

? Proper tracking of food delivery is implemented using Google API.

? Notification system will notify to donor companies, charity organization, tracker using cloud messaging system.

? This website will be available for everyone who have internet.

? Multiple user access this at same time without any effect on speed.

? Our system will give goodwill points to restaurant owners.

? Users can directly contact us instead of leaving feed backs.

? Improving customer care support of better experiences.

4. Related System Analysis/Literature Review

Table 1: Related System Analysis with Donate Food

Website Name Weakness Proposed Solution

Food cowboy This app is not available in Google app store.

Limited for some specific area This website will provide worldwide services and will also be available in Google app store.

Food bank Time to time updates for website are not available Time to time update the system

Food Rescue US

This app is not available in Google app store. This website will be available in Google app store.

5. Advantages/Benefits of Proposed System

? Easy to understand mechanics

? Easy to use interface

? Increases Productivity

? Ability to manage food donations from donor and provide them to charity organization

? Provides a platform to an online environment

? Minimal hardware requirement

? Portable version of a food donation system

? Lightweight website.

6. Scope

Food donation may arise at any stage of the food production and distribution chain for a number of different reasons.

Due to difficulties in managing supply and demand, some food businesses may have a surplus of supply to meet orders and often orders for food may be canceled resulting in excess stock. In certain cases, errors in the labeling or packaging could mean that the perfectly safe food will not be entered into the marketplace and so is available for donation. Food businesses can choose to donate food once it is safe and in a condition that would mean that the product is still suitable for purchase i.e. an acceptable condition. The process of food donation must also be considered within the food safety management system of the donating food business.

7. Modules

7.1 Module 1: Admin

This module is actually driver of this website allows different functionalities to the users like create account, login, log out etc.

7.1.1 Manages Request

It manages requests of receivers and send it to owner of the restaurants i.e. donor of food.

7.1.2 Contact Receiver

If request got accepted admin send acceptance message to receiver.

7.2 Module 2: Food Companies

7.2.1 Profile Management

Food companies manages their profile. They can update, delete and add their information in the given fields of their profile.

7.2.2 Request Donations

Donation Request interface to donate food to charities

7.2.3 Confirmation and Tracking

When charity companies accept requests, the donor will confirm donation to inform the Tracker to deliver on the receiver location.

7.2.4 Ratings

The food companies will receive goodwill points and they can share it on their social media pages for their marketing.

7.3 Module 3: Charity Organizations

7.3.1 Profile Management

Charity companies manages their profile. They can update, delete and add their information in the given fields of their profile. Donor Data

Complete donor data will be stored here i.e. user profiles, no of orders, and received orders.

` Receiver Data

Here receiver’s all data will be store.

7.3.2 Searching for donor

Web based app will support the search feature where receiver can perform searching on available food for donation.

7.3.3 Received Food

Accept Requests Interface used to request for food for donation.

7.3.4 Order History

Customer order history is maintained in the form of donation receiver profile.

7.4 Module 4: Delivery and Order Tracking

7.4.1 Delivery

Food companies request for food delivery. The tracking system will quickly respond to their request.

7.4.2 Locate the nearby charity organizations and request them for receive donation.

7.4.3 Track Food

The food from sending until receiving will be tracked so this will confirm that the order is delivered successfully.

7.4.4 Generate Report

When food delivered successfully then it generated a report which is sender to both sender and receiver for records.

7.5 Module 5: Notification

7.5.1 Send notification

Owner of restaurants will send notifications to their permanent clients in order to get donated food. The receiver may also send notification in order to request food.

7.5.2 Receive Notification

The charities will receive notification send by donor. The owner of restaurants may also receive notification send by donor.

7.5.3 Notifications of tracking food

Food tasker will receive a notification to deliver donation to targeted area.

7.6 Module 6: Goodwill generator

7.6.1 Goodwill points

User can give stars as goodwill points to the restaurants on the basics of cooperation and the highest point receiver will be allotted with shield and award.

7.6.2 Goodwill generation on the bases of charity organizations’ feedback.

7.6.3 Goodwill points will also be given to Food tasker (Food delivery boys) on the bases of charity organizations’ feedback.

7.7 Module 7: Help and support

7.7.1 Contact information

Restaurant owners will provide all contact information so receiver will contact them.

7.7.2 Feedback

Receivers can also give feedback to donors for their services.

7.7.3 FAQs

FAQs will be given for users help and support.

7.7.4 Chat Box

Any receiver can chat with owner of restaurant in this chat box

8. System Limitations/Constraints

? User must be connected with internet otherwise some of contents and functionality aren’t


? If users are using smart phones, laptops and other hand held devices then they must have

enough battery to see website

9. Software Process Methodology

The software process methodology we are using to develop the system is based on the combination of v-shaped model and incremental model. This is because it is only possible to release all the functionality of the system at once, rather than at increments, because all the requirements of the system are completely clear and simple. It also provides good testing methodologies which will help us in debugging the complicated integration and implementation of location tracking and delivering order effectively. It will also ensure that the final product is as void of bugs as it can be, because the system has to be used in large scale food companies and charity organizations, where bugs would mean a lot of trouble for all these companies and organizations. If we find any changes and problem, phase incremental model allows us to do change in that particular phase.

10. Design Methodology

For this project, we will be using the Object-Oriented approach and methodology, which will enable us to divide tasks and functions easily to make the code easier to implement, understand and debug.


11. Tools and Technologies

Table 2: Tools and Technologies for Donate Food




Tools Version Rationale

Google API 3.0 Order tracking

Android Studio 3.2 IDE

SQL developer 18.1 DBMS

MS Word 2015 Documentation

MS Power Point 2015 Presentation

Atom 2019 IDE

Bootstrap 4.3.1 Web framework

Balsamiq 2.0.5 Mockups Creation

Express.js 5.0 Web framework

Node.js LTS Web server

Technology Version Rationale

Python 3.7 Programming language

Java 8.2 Programming language

Html 5 Web Development

SQL 2013 Query Language

CSS 3 Web Development

JavaScript 1.8.5 Web Development

Oracle 11g 2014 Query Language


12. Project Stakeholders and Roles

Table 3: Project Stakeholders for Donate Food

Project Sponsor COMSATS University, Islamabad

Stakeholder Students:

• Bushra Abbas

• Faheem Riaz

Project Supervisor Name:

Mr. Tehseen Riaz Abbasi

Final Year Project Committee:

Mr. Tehseen Riaz Abbasi

13. Team Members Individual Tasks/Work Division

Table 4: Team Member Work Division for Donate Food

Student Name Student Registration Number Responsibility/ Modules

Bushra Abbas SP18-BCS-040 Documentation, Presentation, Food Companies, Charity Organizations, and Goodwill generator

Faheem Riaz SP18-BCS-046 Documentation, Presentation, Delivery and Order Tracking, Notification, Help and support

14. Data Gathering Approach

1. Using the internet and reading articles about the methods and functions that are to be implemented.

2. Feedback from peers, professors, and colleagues.

15. Concepts

15.1. Concept-1: Machine learning: We will be learning a lot about machine learning as we will be using API’s like python API’s Google vision tracking to implement delivery and order tracking system.

15.2. Concept-2: Python: We will be learning a lot about python programming language and its different IDEs as most of our project is made using python.

15.3. Concept-3: Web server: We will learn how to connect applications to web servers.

15.4. Concept-4: Android: As the application is android based, so we will learn new things about android development and integration of other technologies into android.

15.5. Concept-5: Databases: We will learn how to manage databases and to connect them to web servers and our android applications

16. Gantt chart

17. Mockups

Mock up 1: Main Page

Mock up 2: Goodwill points

Mock up 3: delivery and order tracking

18. Conclusion

? This document explains the need for our project, the issues that will be solved this project conventional the conventional food donating web sites and applications. The system will be developed to be robust and intelligent than the old conventional websites and applications.

? In the whole world, there are many people who faced hunger. There are many restaurants and other food companies have surplus food that are wasting. To utilize that food this app is very useful. This system will provide food to charity organizations. This can be useful in reducing hunger from the world and also can save food from wastage.

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