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Progressivism Paper

Progressives in the United States during the early twentieth century were optimistic about human nature.Progressivism evolved into thefirst nationwide reform movement of the twentieth century.Followers advocated political action at the grass roots level to convince the federal government to enact a more democratic change in the federal beaurcracy.As a progressive during this era, I would have championed such causes as Child Labor, Women's Suffrage, and Anti-Prohibition movements.
Progressives during this era originated primarily from the middle class.They were hell bent on creating legislation for the betterment of the common man.Unfortunately, their definition of the common man was a person at or very close to the poverty level.Progressives felt that these individuals were unable to help themselves and that the progressives were the only ones that could save them.The majority of these progressives were convinced that they knew what was best for these individuals.The progressive approach to Child Labor was to end it all together.They wanted to prevent children from working in factories and mines.
The poor working class families were living a different reality.Each additional working child represented an additional source of income for the family.For the most part, this additional source of income was barely enough to keep the family unit together.Passing a Child Labor Law prohibiting child labor would have had negative affects on these families.I would have put together a national Child Labor act that stipulated a minimum working age of sixteen.I would have made school attendance a requirement for all children ages six to sixteen.I would have also allowed children between the ages of twelve to sixteen to work after school if their families could prove a certain level of hardship.
To deal with Women's Suffrage, I would have worked closely with Jane Adams and the other leading progress…

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