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Profitable business for some and A luxury travel for the Essay

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Profitable business for some and A luxury travel for the rest


Bengaluru being the home away from home for many aspiring youths and IT professionals does not

disappoint them when it comes to their need for commuting. There are more than hundreds of

people travelling every other day and as a result the district has seen many emerging private and

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public buses with fascinating facilities providing a luxury travel.

DEPARTURE: A bus waiting to depart from Madiwala

Gone are those days when travelling in buses made you suffer from a sleepless night and severe

back pain. There are sleeper and semi sleeper buses with and without AC to help passengers have a

comfortable ride of their choice. They provide facilities like free wifi, water bottles, live tracking,

blankets and the new addition is pantry provision. The price of the tickets are affordable except at

the time of festivals and sometimes during the weekends when the price may vary from rupees 2000

to 3000 in private buses but even during those days the KSRTC(Karnataka State Road Transport

Corporation) buses are cheaper.

“We have 12 buses that shuttle to different places with an average of 300 passengers boarding daily.

We charge rupees 800 on the week days for the most preferred type, an A.C. sleeper and rupees

1100 for the same on the weekends. Special buses are arranged at the time of festivals during which

around 600 people travel.”, said Muthu who works as a receptionist at Parveen Travels,Madiwala.

A 51 year old Tamil Nadu based passenger said that ” Even if there is traffic the drivers make to the

destination at the right time which is a great relief for a marketing executive like me. A good night’s

sleep plays a major role in our next day’s work and when it comes to my job I cannot pause and rest

in a hotel as I have to work in a different place the next day morning. Because of this I used to prefer

trains but now I feel comfortable even if I travel by bus.” One may choose between a private and a

public bus as per his or her own needs and experience but the common road transportation in

Bengaluru as reached a different level in providing services and satisfying majority of the needs demanded by most of the passengers .

Busy bees pave way for a flourishing venture :

The passengers are not the only people who are satisfied. The drivers, travel agencies, the online

app runners, the government and a lot of other agencies which act as a link between the people and

the travel houses in booking tickets are also well fed. More than just collecting revenue that equals

the investment, these people earn a lot of profits. The never ending needs give space to the never

ending business. From just an alternative mode of transport for trains to a basic and comfortable

mode of transport this business has come a long way and now it can survive for decades.

About the author

This paper is written by Sebastian He is a student at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA; his major is Business. All the content of this paper is his perspective on Profitable business for some and A luxury travel for the and should be used only as a possible source of ideas.

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