Professor Trish Greenhalgh has been doing researches on the

Professor Trish Greenhalgh has been doing researches on the benefits -and challenges- of remote and highly expected video consultations. In this article he unveils, as his main argument, that despite it is called for the NHS to grasp the nettle and enlist the power of tech and innovation, it will not be any soon.

To commend his prospect, he highlighted some of the barriers that can be the reason of unwillingness embrace of this new system such as people and staff awareness to change, the financial aspect, and the steady process to transform this myth into reality.

For one thing, he said: “patients may feel more secure – and better looked after – if they come to the hospital in person. The power of touch, for example, can be healing in itself.” I totally and utterly agree with this statement as it is indeed more reassuring talk face to face rather than behind a screen.

Another affirmation is regarding staff, who will need to adapt to the concept of virtual consulting.

Secondly, the report points out that: “while video consultations may work out slightly cheaper in the long run, the short-term costs of offering such consultations will be high because of the set-up investment such as new equipment, staff training and so on.” So, within this in mind, we can figure out that this introduction of Skype into the NHS will not be either easy nor quick and cheap. One example presented as proof concept evidence is the research of Norway’s digitally-enabled hospital consultations in 2009, which based on a Research published in 2015 had low popularity and development.

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Finally, the report states: “the new staff roles and organisational pathways and processes needed to underpin such a service will not materialise overnight.” This statement is a snapshot of how gradual the embracing and evolving of this new shape of care will be.

The report also explored Bart’s Health Trust diabetic clinic where technology and innovative consulting had already been implemented and proven successful. While this gave me a consensus and solid idea with the building success offered by this emerging reality, I also have my doubts on confidentiality and effectiveness of the set-up template the central support follows while giving virtual consultations to patients with a range of different medical and surgical conditions and social backgrounds. How about you, are you ready to skype your doctor?

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